Types of Bouquets for Different Occasions

Getting flowers is not as straightforward as it seems – from hand bouquets to cone bouquets, to flower boxes and flower domes, and to fully customisable bouquets, how should you choose which is best for your loved one? Flower bouquets can even come with chocolate baskets or fruit hampers, making your list of options more than ever.

Hand Bouquets

For ease of discussion, hand bouquets would be defined as bouquets that you can hold with your hand, including cone bouquets. Hand bouquets are the most common way of giving someone flowers, as they allow the flowers to be displayed fully in its vibrant colours and dispersing its floral scent. The flower arrangement has to be such that it does not rumple or get messy easily, and this will be up to the expertise of the florist. 

If you are considering a customisable bouquet, you can check out what each flower represents before choosing. For example, roses represent love, sunflowers represent happiness, daisies represent innocence, and daffodils represent rebirth. Also, the number of each flower has its own representation too, with more roses conveying deeper love. You would need to know this information beforehand if you want your bouquet to speak your feelings for that person. After choosing your flowers, do seek a skilled florist to arrange your flowers properly or to advise you which flowers do or do not go along.

Flower boxes

Getting more popular now, is the concept of flowers in a box. While it may seem like just flowers arranged in a box, flower boxes allow for additions such as a music box to play your loved one’s favourite song, as well as decorations such as balloons or even snacks for the glutton in her. Flower boxes also make for an easier carry on a long date, and also takes up less space than a bouquet. While scoring points on convenience, it might lose some points on romanticness with your loved one, depending how traditional she is.

Another standout point is that your loved one does not need a flower vase to keep your flowers once she is at home – she can just place the box down and admire the flowers. Taking care of the flowers can be done on the box directly, minimising hassle.

Flower domes

Flower domes are literally what they mean – flowers in a dome. Do note that the flowers used here are preserved flowers, so if your loved one prefers smelling fresh flowers instead, this might not be for her. Flower domes come in different shapes and colours, and can be adorned with lighting and custom ribbons for your loved one to look at, without the tendering required for fresh flowers. Being dome-shaped also allows your loved one to bring and carry it around, be it shifting between rooms at home or at work.


WIth the wide range of flower types, flower presentations and storage, it can initially be difficult to choose which type and format to give a loved one. However, by understanding what she likes, these decisions will become easier and you will be able to give a perfect flower bouquet, box or dome to her.

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