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Unique makeup tricks to help you look fabulous every day

Makeup is all about blending and enhancing your natural beauty. An age-old proverb says if others can understand where your make ends, you are doing it wrongly. Your makeup is a tool, not a mask. Correct use of makeup and give you a personality makeover. But, when you mess things up, it will not only cause harm to your image but to your skin too. It is not always about high-end and pricey makeup products. You can create a very glowing look with a medium-range foundation and cheap face highlighter. So, here we are with some practical and easy makeup ideas for this season for you. Please scroll below to get a brief discussion on makeup products and techniques.

The Tata Harper facial using organic botanical oils, and the more futuristic Dr Barbara Sturm Thailand facial in one of two dedicated Sturm rooms.

Choose the look

If you want to stay in trend, it is better to adapt and change your makeup technique. Nowadays, dewy makeup looks are getting prevalent on social media platforms. It is easy to create, makes your skin look flawless and long-lasting. Besides, it glows like your natural skin, and you can wear it anywhere. If you have a dry or combination skin variety, it is effortless to create a dewy look. Oily-skinned people may think they can’t carry, but dewy eyes better suit oily skin. Let us go through the step-by-step procedure of a dewy makeup look. First, you need to prepare your skin for the makeup. Remember, skincare is a must-step for makeup. Your makeup will not sit properly or look good without proper skincare, moisturization, and exfoliation. So, once you finish your initial preparation, make sure to apply moisturizer. You can use your regular moisturizer. But, using a water-based or thin moisturizer is better here. The next step is priming your skin. Here is the twist. Instead of using regular skin primers, you need to use two to three drops of facial oil. Try to avoid concentrated essential oils or scented oils. Natural does not always mean good for your skin, and fragrance definitely can irritate. If you have sensitive and acne-prone skin, then avoiding odor is a must. Now that you already have glazy and soft skin let us proceed with the foundation. You can wear a regular or medium coverage foundation. Take only a small amount at first and work your way to your face. It is an effective technique to prevent excessive use. Here is a tip for you. Do not rush the step. Give one to two minutes break between every effort for your skin heat to melt and spread the product well. For more Makeup Tips Click here

Color correction

Now that you completed your base makeup let us proceed with color correction. It is the essential step of creating a dewy look. You have to work slowly and prevent overdoing it at any cost. For example, try not to make significant and hideous triangles of concealer on your under-eye area. The skin primer and foundation mainly cover the undertones. If you still need correction under the eye, then apply only one to two drops. Otherwise, it will look scorched. Now it is time for adding the glow. You can take your contour palette and apply a little dark shade to define your feature. Make sure not to make everything too sharp or dark here. A dewy look is all about natural glow and tones. Too intense facial features will not reflect the light well. It would be best to have a highlighter supplier here because we need to use a ton of it. You will need an angular brush to apply highlighter properly. Now hold the brush near the stem to get better precision.

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