Unsolved Mysteries of the Yelan Genshin Impact

Possess Yelan Genshin Impact, please? I’m just as frustrated as you are if you haven’t or couldn’t find Yelan. Who would have imagined that Yelan, after the leaker revealed the information, had been able to capture the players’ interest? Yelan is still a hot topic of conversation in the Genshin Impact community today. Yelan’s talents and the finest build for her made it into the top tier list of Genshin Impact, not just because of her beautiful appearance. Pay attention to Yelan’s rich lore and fascinating trivia.

Here, we will discuss seven fascinating facts about Yelan Genshin Impact, a mysterious character that has captured players’ attention with her model-like sexiness.

Yelan Genshin Impact – Who Is She?

Yelan is a playable *5-star Genshin Impact character with Hydro elemental Vision. Characters like Ningguang, who represents the Ministry of Civil Affairs in partnership with Liyue Qixing, were initially made available on May 31, 2022, at the same time as the Genshin Impact 2.7 upgrade. Yet, she is a secretive agent who investigates criminal organizations while attempting to solve complex puzzles like The Chasm.

What dish does Yelan enjoy the most?

According to the information gathered, Yelan enjoys spicy food, particularly the dishes created by Xiangling. she frequently consumes Jueyun chili as a snack.

She claims that spicy food can give it a kicking flavor and eliminate the dull taste

What Meals Does Yelan Hate?

Yelan dislikes sweet cuisine even though she can consume hot food. She claims that eating sugary meals like cakes or other precious items can cause her to lose focus and lead to an addiction.

Who is the one who knows Yelan Genshin Impact the best?

Yelan is close to Ningguang, Yanfei, and Xiangling, in addition to having a job working behind the scenes. Aside from the three of them, Yelan once had relationships with people who were related to her through his family, such as Xiao, Xingqiu, and Tartaglia.

Yelan – Does She Enjoy Travelers?

For male players, you must consider the situations where Yelan has a particular affection for Travelers, or in this instance, for you. Yet, in reality, Yelan dislikes or feels nothing special about Traveler.

That is so because Traveler was put on the Special Attention List by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, where she was led by Liyue Qixing, who took orders from Ningguang directly. As a result, Travelers are regarded as individuals with extraordinary talents who require increased supervision to minimize the risk of harm to Liyue.

Who are the names on the Yelan List’s Special Attention List?

Yelan’s Special Attention List contained many names, including Travelers, Beidou, and Liyue adepts like Cloud Retainer, Ganyu, Fatui Harbingers, etc.

Is Yelan Smelly?

Speaking of Yelan, you must wonder if she has a pleasant scent. According to the information I gathered, Yelan has a distinctive smell. It was because Yelan didn’t require the Whopperflower Nectar component of the Ascension.

Yelan has a pleasant aroma reminiscent of the water when you look at the Ascension materials. She needed a substance called Starconch, a type of seashell frequently discovered along Liyue’s coast.

Yellen will undoubtedly perspire if she consumes spicy appetizers regularly. Yelan has a high tolerance for spicy cuisine, but it doesn’t mean she won’t become hot under the collar. You can see how fragrant Yelan is from here.

Xingqiu vs. Yelan

Yelan is frequently compared to Xingqiu and even described as a “5-star Xingqiu” it is apparent they have essentially the same cooldowns, Burst functionality, Energy generation, and needs, and they even have the same Element in common. However, there are a few significant variations:

Xingqiu uses his Rain Sword orbitals to apply more Hydro. Yelan can only match or surpass Xingqiu’s Elemental application with the aid of Constellations.

Yelan is incapable of defense. She does not offer the same amount of Xingqiu’s micro-healing, DMG Reduction, or interruption resistance. Depending on the equipment, she presents herself and her teammate’s substantial offensive bonuses in exchange.

The personal injuries suffered by Yelan and Xingqiu are comparable. For instance, the damage dealt by a Constellation 0 Yelan equipped with Aqua Simulacra and a Constellation 6 Xingqiu equipped with Primordial Jade Cutter is equal. However, Yelan does more to increase team damage when the 4th Ascension Passive is considered.

It is preferable to consider Yelan as a potential companion for Xingqiu for the reasons mentioned above. In addition, they make one of the most robust and adaptable duos you can play since they strengthen each other and deal more significant damage when paired.

For instance, Xingqiu frequently carries a Favonius or Sacrificial Sword, which aids in recharging Yelan. Constellations also allow Xingqiu to lower Water Resistance, which benefits Yelan. To counteract Yelan’s solely attacking playstyle, Xingqiu offers defensive versatility. Both have comparable cooldowns for synchronized action. Thanks to the combined Hydro application, your favorite Pyro DPS will be able to vaporize enemies as frequently as possible while still benefiting from Yelan’s A4 bonus.

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