Upwell Health Collective Australia: Holistic Physiotherapy

People seek physiotherapy treatments in Australia for a variety of reasons. Mobility issues, back pain, rehabilitation after injury, and so much more. What if we, Upwell Health Collective told you that physiotherapy is about more than fixing your musculoskeletal system? Yes, it goes beyond fixing your joints, bones, muscles, and nerves. Continue reading to find out more about holistic physiotherapy:

Where It All Began 

Upwell Health was founded after the identification of a gap existing in the musculoskeletal care sector. Our founder was a licensed physiotherapist and healthcare expert, who was looking for a more effective approach to provide better physiotherapy treatments. How did hot the need? 

He has his own musculoskeletal issues which gave him firsthand experience about the issues that people seeking physiotherapy care experience. He drove all over Melbourne for several exasperating years to see massage therapists, exercise specialists, doctors, sports experts, physiotherapists, and many others.

Ultimately, it was majorly a waste of time and money, with barely any treatment achieving the results he desired for himself. It was then that he founded upwell Health Collective, a team dedicated to achieving holistic physiotherapy.

Holistic Physiotherapy

Holistic physiotherapy transcends beyond a patient’s physical health. It takes into account the patient’s general welfare, way of life, and daily routine to achieve emotional, physical, mental, and even spiritual well-being. Nearly all doctors now agree that there is more to pain than the physical variable; social and psychological variables can exacerbate or even cause pain. 

Take stress for example. It leads to headaches, rashes, stomach ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, and others. What makes musculoskeletal pain any different? At Upwell Health, we believe that addressing physical issues also involves working on our thoughts and lifestyles. 

Physiotherapy and Mental Health

Studies show a strong relationship between mental health and physical health. For instance, poor mental health is a risk factor for chronic physical diseases like diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. Moreover, people who have ongoing physical issues are more likely to experience mental illness.

Having said that, a focus on mental health can greatly improve the results of physiotherapy treatments. It encourages functional mobility, movement awareness, physical activity, and exercises. Holistic physiotherapy with a focus on mental health also strives to maximize wellbeing and empower the individual by fusing the physical and mental elements of health. 

Holistic Physiotherapy Practices

  • Positive physiotherapy environment.
  • Injury prevention training (ergonomic, agility, and balance).
  • Management of anxiety to reduce tension in your muscles and improve sleep, mood, and self-esteem. 
  • Treatments that improve energy levels, reduce pain, and improve sleeping patterns. 
  • Access to information. Provision of clear and accurate medical diagnosis.
  • Listening to the patient is equally important.
  • Patient-centered approach. What does the patient think is the root of their problem?
  • Advocating for proper lifestyle choices: dietary, fitness, and so on.
  • Encouraging patients to do what they love and enjoy.
  • One-on-one collaboration between physiotherapists and patients.
  • Educating patients and caregivers about chronic disease prevention and management.

Promoting Holistic Healthcare

At Upwell Heath, we believe that the body, soul, and mind are interconnected. And to achieve positive results in one, all others have to be involved. Having said that, we yearn to provide holistic physiotherapy to our clients to make them experience better health physically. Beyond that, we want to free them of any fears, guilt, pain, anxiety, and depression that could be acting as barriers to enhanced health care. Join our team and experience the difference!

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