Vaping Laws and Regulations 2021 in the UK

The vaping industry in the UK will be experiencing some changes that are likely to affect anyone interested in vaping. Initially, the UK vaping industry seemed the only unquestionable sector compared to other sectors and places. As other governments instituted restrictions on vaping products, vaping in the UK was seen as less harmful and a way to quit smoking.

Later, it was realized that vaping is not that harmless and there was need to come up with certain regulations to ensure the products remain as safe as possible. And as the World Health Organization came in, they suggested new bans on the distribution of e-cigarettes with open vape systems, which are simply vapes controlled with e liquids used. It is assumed that some people would be including other harmful products in these vapes and inhale them.

Is vaping banned in the UK?

Contrary to places like the US, where some states are under statewide vaping restrictions, the UK does not have any regional legislation on the use of vape pens as of now. There has been a bill to prohibit any vaping in public places in children’s eyes, but the bill lacked enough support. An open beach in Wales declared the space smoke-free in March and although the verdict was extended to vape products, there is no legal sanction for people vaping on this public beach. In other words, no one will be punished for vaping in the area but only asked to stop.

The different approaches to vaping in the UK highlight the view of the UK on vaping. While other countries may place total bans and come up with strict legislation on vaping, it seems like there is still hope for those interested in vaping in the UK. Whether you are a distributor of vaping products or inhale the products, you somehow have some space in the vaping industry. However, though the UK government may not have placed strict regulations on vaping in certain locations, the decision on vaping may differ according to the property owner.

Most airlines have banned vaping and other public or private institutions have done the same. This shows there may not be a severe legal restriction on vaping, but no one should vape in a common space without checking with the relevant property owner.

Vaping laws and regulations in the UK

The general rules and regulations on vaping include:

  • The strength and size of e-liquids are limited by the EUTPD.
  • E-liquid containers should not exceed 10ml in capacity.
  • More to the capacity restriction, cartridges and clearomisers should not exceed the capacity of 2ml.
  • The initial nicotine strength of e-liquids of 24% was lowered to 20%.
  • Any vape manufacturer must submit details on the product to the government for check-up and approval before it is sold to the public. A six-month grace period is given before the submitted product is sold.
  • There are also rules on the promotion of vaping products. Though vaping is less harmful to tobacco smoking, manufacturers cannot say this as a promotion or marketing technique.

The regulations put in place are meant to control the use of vaping products and ensure people are using them responsibly. Vaping products may not be that harmful, but unfortunately some people include more harmful products in vaping liquids, making vaping unsafe. The government may not place total bans on vaping in public places, but property owners may feel otherwise, so be careful. Apart from the airlines, some private clubs, art galleries, museums and train stations may have rules on vaping.

Vaping while driving

You may assume that vaping behind the wheel is not a big deal, but you may end up being fined for this. Though it’s not the act of vaping that will lead to your fine, the results of vaping will land you in trouble. As you drive and vape, the vapor may fill your car and that will be a reason for your penalty.

It is simply driving without care and attention and that’s enough to get you on the wrong side. It makes sense as if the large plume fills the car surrounding you as you drive risks the life of road users. You are also risking your life, especially if you drive along a motorway at 70mph or more. try to be a little more responsible by sucking up and blowing out of your car window.

Final note

As much as vaping is not that harmful, vapers should be cautious and make sure it does not result in more harm like accidents due to vaping behind the wheel. Again, only those of legally allowed age should vape.



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