What are the Expected AI Innovations in 2022?

The industries of healthcare, manufacturing, and packaging, food, and agriculture have been thriving as much as technology has. There have been improvements in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, virtual reality (VR), 3D printing, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Cobot robots are also being used, especially in manufacturing.

Smart just used to mean something different as it does today. Back in the day, having smart devices means having the latest models of smartphones, TVs, and other devices that people find high tech. These days, smart means even a higher technology, being driven by artificial intelligence. Facial recognition and QR codes are just some innovative features that exist today. Many more are being developed for the upcoming years.

What to Expect in 2022?

AI to Expand Even More in Automation

Hyper automation is also called digital process automation or intelligent process automation. Artificial intelligence is highly used in hyper-automation together with advanced technologies in business management software. This is used to automatically communicate and react to client inquiries.

AI in automation is expected to work together with robotic process automation so companies can minimize employee manual labor and improve productivity without consuming so much time and will also allow them to generate digital technology in their operations.

AI Works with Cybersecurity

The security industry becomes increasingly reliable because of artificial intelligence. New techniques are being created for automation and cybersecurity workforce free of risk. The technology of AI assists businesses in improving their data and cloud transfer plan and the effectiveness of its bigger technologies.

Since cybersecurity requires a big number of data points, AI can be used to cluster, analyze, and filter data. They establish a high-security platform in which it scans large data quantities and detects threats and malware using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The Further Development of Augmented Intelligence

Augmented intelligence is one of the popular technology trends. It is defined as the combination of robots and humans to improve productivity and cognitive performance. There is quite a fear spreading that machines will take over humans one day and make some roles or jobs completely redundant.

As companies work on the process of creating data and AI-driven features, people will realize that working alongside robots or machines increases are their own skills and abilities. In the world of marketing, for example, people are already using tools that help determine what the next best move is and what to expect from potential customers.

In engineering, artificial intelligence is already helping with the maintenance of current machines and informing in advance which equipment is in need of maintenance performance or repair. In about every industry, artificial intelligence in devices and services is emerging. Helping humans to do their jobs more efficiently and less time-consuming.

The Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence Collaboration

To define this simply, the Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the way we interact with our devices at home, at work, or at a significant distance. It entails connecting gadgets to the internet and allowing them to respond to different situations based on the data they collect around you. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are increasingly being used to smartly and securely improve IoT devices and services.

Their combined features are used in wearables, such as fitness and health trackers, smartwatches, virtual reality gadgets, and wireless earpieces. You can also encounter IoT in high-tech cities wherein there are smart energy networks, smart street lighting, and smart public transit. They also provide real-time data analysis in industries like manufacturing.

In the household, IoT is predicted to be used together with artificial intelligence, such as smart vacuum cleaning devices and smart thermostats.

Improvements in NLP and Conversational AI

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is one most commonly being used with artificial intelligence. Examples of this are Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant. This technology has decreased the necessity of writing or typing. You can use it without facing the screen of your device or pointing your voice at its microphone.

With this, emotional analysis, machine translation, process description, and auto-video caption creation are expected to be developed in the upcoming year.

Conversational artificial intelligence improves customer experience by AI powered Chatbot. Enhancing the reach, responsiveness, and customization. AI-powered chatbots work with NLP and machine learning to create more natural and almost-human-level conversations. They are expected to develop by understanding more what their human says and needs.

All these technologies are a tremendous help to the world because it benefits the majority. Shaping the future by improving safety and productivity, limiting the cost of production, reducing downtime, and minimizing errors. In the next years, they’re for sure to be further improved, making the world an easier place to live in.

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