Vibe Gaming Limited’s Bajeal Mechanical Keyboards are already creating a hype in Bangladesh !

Vibe Gaming has been one of the most popular and most sought-after gaming resources distributors within Bangladesh. They have been providing top-notch Mechanical keyboards from Bajeal from Bajeal in Bangladesh, and it has already created hype here in the country.

Why are Bajeal’s Mechanical keyboards so practical to use? 

Here, we concentrated on their one mechanical keyboard, named BAJEAL BK61:]. Its exceptional characteristics include:

Backlight modes 27 RGB LEDs

The backlit keyboard has double-shot abs keycaps that provide crystal clear and consistent illumination so that the letters are not scratched. It offers a more fun experience to players with rainbow colors, different illumination settings, five backlight levels, five respirable speeds, and two unique backlights intended for RTS and FPS games.

The specialized switch provides:

  • A quicker and more flexible reaction.
  • A sharp, spring-specific click sound.
  • Accurate tactile feedback.
  • Maximum gaming performance.

It is equipped with a keycap remover to clean the keycap easily.

Comprehensive anti-ghosting

All keys have no conflicts that are easier to use and provide a seamless gaming experience.

10,000,000 keystrokes

Ensures unbelievable durability without concerns. The front and back tilting design of the keycap, the slippery foot, and the folding design fulfill the needs of various typing settings and assist reduce strain during long-term play.

Hot-swappable keys

You can click on switches and take them out without ever touching a soldering weapon. Changes swaps. There are two extra switches and a switch puller in the package.


Vibe Gaming LTD is authorized exclusive distributor of Bajeal keyboards in Bangladesh. Mechanical keyboards from Bajeal are a bit like traditional keyboards. The reality is, however, that Mechanical keyboards from Bajeal have a somewhat different operating principle than conventional keys. Instead of rubber membranes, the keyboard features many specialized switches. You can feel how much you have pushed a key, how far your fingers are, and how hard you press it. You just “feel” your keyboard, essentially. Of course, the mechanics are a cut above the membrane keyboard in this situation.

Bajeal’s Mechanical keyboard’s advantages:

1. Rapidity 

The advantage of Mechanical keyboards from Bajeal is their specific keystrokes. It is hard to exaggerate this feature when you hit the keys rapidly and repeatedly during games.

The mechanical keyboard keystroke is significantly quicker than the membrane keyboards. You need to touch the keys lightly to record your keystrokes correctly. If you play games or type, you’ll find that your speed has improved.

You don’t have to tap a key when typing on the keyboard; in fact, it’s sufficient to tap till the “click” is done. You can respond quicker in fast-paced games using a mechanical keyboard. Type speed will rise as well.

All mechanical keys enable the simultaneous pressing of six keys, and certain types can record an infinite amount of keystrokes. Ordinary users do not require it, but for gamers, it is highly crucial within  Bajeal keyboard from Vibe Gaming.

2. Faithfulness

The answer of the Mechanical keyboards from Bajeal is much faster and more extensive, moreover, as you and your fingers do not need much pressure to utilize it

3. Sustainability

On average, mechanical keyboard life varies between 20 million and 80 million keystrokes per key (Cherry MX, Outemu, or Razer) contrasted with membrane keyboards with a maximum endurance of 5 million keystrokes.

They are more resistant keyboards that last longer without damaging the keys and tend to be manufactured using excellent materials and craftsmanship.

Not only are the internal parts robust in good versions of Mechanical keyboards from Bajeal, but the casing is generally built of high-grade plastic resistant to wear. The keyboard foundation is frequently constructed of metal, which makes it longer lasting.

4. More effective interaction between user and PC

It is not a top secret that mechanical keypads are considerably more appropriate than membrane keypads. 100% click registration, Sharper key travel, tactile feedback all these aspects that accelerate user-computer interface efficiency.

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