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Everyone in the twenty-first century is preoccupied with their own life, job, and goals. As a consequence, many individuals are unable to have satisfying relationships. Not to mention that, with the increase of mental health disorders such as anxiety and low self-esteem, young people are finding it difficult to socialise. However, there is now a solution in the shape of VR Kanojo on the Gaming Beasts.

You will be able to have your waifu in this virtual reality sexual social simulation video game. She will be nonjudgmental while also being attractive, adorable, and exciting. Have you become interested in the game as a result of this? Maybe have a look at what we have to say about it.

Overview of VR Kanojo

Know that VR Kanojo is an erotic VR game in which you will be able to stimulate a physical and emotional interaction with a virtual female. Illusion created it for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. The goal of this game is to develop a mutually pleasant sensuous connection with the female. It’s ridiculously simple, and no matter how unfortunate you’ve been in real life, you can’t fail here.

Please keep in mind that when you download the game from Steam after purchasing it, you must also download the NSFW patch from the official website or This is due to Steam’s NSFW limitations. It’s worth noting that you’ll gain 75% more game stuff here, so don’t forget to download it.

To play the game, just put on the VR headset and then pick the game. The game is set on a single area and features beautiful graphics. There are the standard items that give the area a clean and polished appearance. However, keep in mind that the room is anime-themed or anime-inspired.

Sakura, the anime girlfriend, is also present in the room, in addition to the rest of the room. Her animation is nice and anime-like. She looks fantastic, however there are some challenges in interacting with her. Let’s find out more in the gameplay part.

VR Kanojo Gameplay

VR Kanojo has received great feedback for its gameplay across all platforms. This is one of the greatest pornographic VR games available on the market. The background, as well as the virtual girlfriend, are all wonderfully animated. However, it should be noted right away that the animations are not always smooth. It might come out as janky and odd at times. As a result, the immersion in the game may suffer.

Sakura’s voice and sentences may seem repetitious at times. It might come off as robotic at times, which takes one out of the game. However, if you can see beyond these flaws, you will like what the game has to offer.

You should be aware that Kanojo is an NSFW game. Sure, it doesn’t happen straight away since you have to assist Sakura with her clothes and schoolwork first. Following that, the primary objective is sensory fulfilment. The controllers will operate as your hands, allowing you to do a great deal with only that. When it comes to stimulating your partner, the game invites you to utilize your imagination.

Game Features

The VR game has a plethora of features that make it worthwhile of your time and money. So, let us find out what those characteristics are:

Study Option

There are several possibilities available here. Of course, there is the study option. In here, you’ll either assist your girlfriend study or use it as an excuse to stare at her. This option is provided to provide you with something to do and, as a consequence, to help you strengthen your connection.

Extra Content

Because there is so much you can accomplish, the true reward of the game comes during the hard things. However, the game does not immediately get to it and instead requires you to work a bit for it. As a result, there is an Extra content option. Here you will find extra playable content that will just make the game more sensuous for you.

Fully Customization

You should be aware that you have the ability to make Sakura seem exactly way you want her to. You will determine what face traits she will have and what she will wear.

Do anything you want

When it comes to insinuated information, the sky’s the limit. There are several scenarios in the game that you must unlock, but apart from that, you may do anything you want in here. This simply adds to the enjoyment of VR.

Story Mode

The narrative mode assists you in creating a beautiful little storyline. As you proceed through the plot, you will gradually graduate from trivial actions like killing a bug for your sweetheart to making out. There are even phases to intercourse that you must unlock before reaching the ultimate scene.

VR Kanojo is a game for individuals who have a VR headset and are ready to become sensuous. This game is unapologetically NSFW, but that’s not all there is to it. In this game, you may establish closeness in a variety of ways. As a result, you’ll receive a true virtual sense of what it’s like to be in a type of real-life relationship. If you want to read other PC games reviews Click Here to explore best articles related to gaming reviews.

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