Watch a movie or see a movie?

See or watch? These two verbs often cause you problems. Are the verbs “to see” and “to watch equivalent? How should you use them?

The verbs to see and to watch both mean “to perceive with the eyes” but there are however differences in meaning between the two. Here are some explanations so that you are not mistaken. Seeing is a passive, involuntary act. The verb to see means that a person perceives something because this thing is in his field of vision, in his environment, but he does not really pay attention to it. She records images of things, of people, but in a passive way, without wanting to. Through his kitchen window, he sees his garden.

He saw an accident on the road.

The verb to see” can also be used in the sense of “to distinguish something” in other words to express the capacity to perceive something (Are you able to see…? Can you see what I see?).

  • Have you seen the pheasant in the field? 
  • Did you see the plane in the sky?
  • The verb to see is also used in the sense of to meet someone regularly to visit a person. He went to see his parents last weekend. I saw my sister in town.

See or watch a movie?

With the word film, the verbs to watch and to see are possible.

The verb “to watch” will be used to speak concretely of the action that takes place at a specific moment. I am watching a documentary. She was watching a movie when you arrived. (She was watching this movie when…)

To check that you have understood the difference between the verb to see and the verb to watch, here is the last example. (Jean was in the street and he realized that there was the police arresting a woman. But Jean cannot comment further on the scene because he did not really pay attention to it. The woman was blonde or brunette? young or old? etc.)

(Jean was in the street and stopped to focus on the scene. He focused on the details (the color of the woman’s hair, the number of police officers, the age of the woman, etc.) .) John can then recount in detail what really happened.)

Test your  understanding

Choose the right verb: see or ดูหนังออนไลนื์ 

  • Jeanne, do you have… my cell phone? I can’t find it anymore.
  • There are shoes on sale in this store!
  • It’s been a long time since I …. my parents.
  • Today, young people…. too much television.
  • Do you have … Luc Besson’s latest film.
  • I don’t…not what you wrote.
  • She is uncomfortable when people …
  • … madam, how to do it.
  • You…even though he doesn’t love his wife.
  • Julien likes beautiful women.

Why do people like to watch movies?

It is because they have a verisimilitude effect: the person identifies so much with what he sees because he thinks it is real. The cinema reflects life, it is the closest thing to life that man has invented, “Cruppi told Infobae.

Why do people go to the movies?

There are connoisseurs who go to the movies not to eat popcorn, not to spend time with their friends, watching trendy movies, or to kill time. They go because they want to watch a film carefully to understand the director’s vision, the message he wants to convey, and without anyone distracting them from it.

What is a film and what is it used for?

What is the film: It is the art of telling stories through the projection of images, so it is also called the seventh art. It is a technique consisting of projecting frames in rapid succession to create the illusion of movement.

How does film affect education?

Therefore, the film can be used as an educational tool because: – It can be trained and informed in an easy and fun way. Students do not know they are educated. – Helping students resolve conflicts by (almost) presenting the status quo in society.

Why is video a form of communication?

Audiovisual communication is the process of exchanging information through sound and/or visual systems. It is a polyglot with multiple constituent codes that can be analyzed individually or together.

What language is used in the film?

Cinematic language is the purely audiovisual language used by the film director to explain the story he wants. The director modifies these elements and uses them to adjust the film’s narrative to what he wants to explain. …

What are communication and audiovisual media?

Communication equipment refers to audio-visual products that allow us to establish two-way audio and video communication at the same time, such as video conferencing systems. Control systems are programmable, multimedia, and general-purpose devices.

What is an example of audiovisual communication?

For example, television, movies, and the Internet are communicative audiovisual media based on the joint and simultaneous transmission of images and sounds. In this way, they managed to create a realistic effect never seen in human history.

What are examples of audiovisual media?

  • Audiovisual media
  • Slideshow.
  • Diascopic images (Overhead projector).
  • Episcopic images (projection of opaque objects).
  • Slides.
  • Silent Film.
  • Flipchart.
  • Flannelgraph.
  • Blackboards.

What are the means of Audiovision?

Audiovisual media (or simply audiovisual media) are those mass communication mechanisms that transmit their messages through channels that involve not only the sense of sight, as in traditional print media, but also that of hearing.

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