Water Purification System- Types And Buying Guide

These days drinking pure and healthy water is the need of all the people living on the planet earth as water plays a fundamental role in human life because the water supports almost all kinds of functions inside the body. For example, water mainly supports digestion of food, blood circulation, removal of waste material and other, so our elders and various medical professionals guide us to consume water with sufficient concentration.

Increasing water overexploitation and misuses leads to water pollution. The use of contaminated water leads to various kinds of health issues like it causes fatal disease to hair loss, and that contamination also leads to the damaging of the electrical items inside the house. So various water purification experts recommend installation of water purification systems like water purifiers and water softeners.

A water purification system is an electrical and non-electrical device that treats water, eliminates all kinds of contamination from the water, and makes water safe for human use. So water treated by a water purification system can be used to drink and bathe without fear of getting sick.

A water purifier is quite common, but a doctor’s fresh water softener is not as popular as a water purifier. So you are not properly aware of these two and keep reading this post until the end. Here we will be discussing these two forms of water purification system and its buying guide so that you can easily buy the required product effortlessly. So let’s discuss these two best water purification systems in detail.

Water Purifier

It is one of the widely used products to treat and eliminate all kinds of contamination present in the water, so no matter what your regular water source is or what kinds of impurities present in your regular used water, a water purifier can bring pure and safest water for drinking purposes. A water purifier uses various kinds of modern and advanced technologies like reverse osmosis, Ultra-filtration, and Ultraviolet technology, commonly known as RO, UF, and UV.

These techniques eliminate different kinds of impurities from the water and make water safe for human uses. For example, an RO technology-based water purifier can eliminate all kinds of contamination from the water, whereas a UF technology-based water purifier can eliminate slightly larger sized particles from the water.

A UV technology-based water purifier only eliminates microbial contamination as UV rays have high penetration power to kill or suspend the microbes’ growth in the water and make water safe from various microbial contaminants.

Water Softener

A water softener is mainly used to convert hard water into soft water, and water treated by a water softener unit is not suitable for drinking purposes. Water having a high concentration of calcium and magnesium is called hard water, and the use of hard water leads to hair loss, several skin diseases. And hard water also blocks the foaming action of the detergents and shops. Thus in such a situation, hard water leaves a stain on the clothes.

Use of hard water for bathing also leads to the heavy hair fall because salts of calcium and magnesium are deposited on the scalp. As a result, hair doesn’t receive proper blood flow which leads to hair loss. Hard water is also not suitable for electrical appliances as these salts get deposited inside the electrical appliances, disturbing the machine’s proper functioning. A water softener machine uses ion exchange, chemical-free, and a few other technologies to replace calcium and magnesium salts with sodium and convert hard water into soft water.

Water Purification System Buying Guide

If you are all set to buy the best water purification system for your house, you should be aware of some facts which will help you get the best deal on the water purification system. However, below we have elaborated everything in detail, so don’t skip this article and read until the end and enjoy pure drinking water irrespective of the water source. So let’s discuss the water purifier buying guide

  • Water purification Technology

Technology plays an important role in the water purification system as it uses technology, which makes these systems effective and significant. Various water purification techniques are used to eliminate different kinds of contamination from the water, so this is crucial to check before you pay for the water purification system.

  • Brands Of Water Purification System

You should also look for these as water purification brands that ensure that your water purifier will work efficiently for the longer duration. A trusted water purification brand uses good quality raw material, making water purifiers low maintenance and long-lasting.

  • Water Purification System Cost

The water purification system has its advantages and disadvantages, so you should only buy those water purification systems that fulfil all your needs. To get the best deal for the water purification system, you should fix your budget and then only try to get the best product within that range.

  • Pre & Post Sales Services

The water purifier services are important, and everyone should check this before buying a water purification system for the home. Almost everyone provides world-class service pre-sales services, but most service providers fail to keep their promise after-sales. So as a consumer, one should focus on the post-sales services of the service provider so that you can experience & enjoy world-class facilities at your doorstep at the best and affordable price.

Note- Focusing on these above-listed factors while buying a water purification system ensures that you will best deal with a water purification system.


A water purification system is the security of contamination-free water, and for this and drinking pure and healthy water is crucial because contaminants present in water may lead to various kinds of health issues. To install the best system for your house and live a healthy lifestyle, and to get the best deal on the water purification system, check its buying guide listed in the above section.

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