Ways to write a Dissertation Methodology

There is always a correct way to do a particular work or to give justice to a particular price of creative writing. Although we think that since it is a creative piece of work, therefore, only the creativity part is what matters, this is not the case. 

Along with the expression of your ideas, you also need to adhere to a particular format when it comes to creative writing, because this format is what adds icing on the cake. 

A similar kind of piece of creative as well as analytical writing is dissertation writing. Along with it also comes the task of justifying its methodology writing, at the same time. 

A lot of people do not know the correct way to write it and hunt for the same via quora answers or other such online assignment help sites, but in this article we are going to discuss all that we can, for the same.

When you work upon your dissertation, you must remember that it is important to write a methodology for the same. You need to acquaint your audience with the methods you used to conduct your research thus making your research more reliable and credible. 

Your dissertation methodology should include the kind of research you thetechboy have done, the way you have collected the data and analyzed it, what was the reason behind you choosing the ways you used, of collecting the data and what materials did you use in the research.

Remember that the methodology section of your dissertation is always written in the past tense. Therefore, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind while writing a dissertation methodology:

Explain your Rationale: 

Explain the rationale behind you choosing the Dissertation topics you did as well as explain your topic to the readers. Next hdhub4u highlight what type of data did you need to aid your research, as in did you need qualitative data or quantitative one, did you collect the data yourself or utilize the data that has already been researched and did you even perform experiments while researching.

Describe your methods of data collection: 

Now get on to describe and explain the methods of your data collection. A. If you have used quantitative methods, your figures should be clear enough to be used as reference in later studies. 


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Also explain how you measured the variables and gathered the data. For example: Conducting a study among 150 people to understand their frequency of being stressed in a day. People were given a 10-pointer scale and then numbers were collected for the same.


  1. If you have used surveys to collect your data write about the sampling methods you used to select the participants, your questions, the medium of conducting the survey and the response. For example: A survey was conducted to analyze people’s first response when they witness some crime in front of them. 

2. In case of using experiments for data collection, mention the tools and technology used, the way you manipulated the variables and how you designed the experiments and conducted them successfully.


Give a detailed account of the way the experiment was conducted, since only then a clear picture would occur in the mind of the reader. 

  1. If you have referred to some existing data or research work, don’t forget to mention the source. 


Mentioning the source increases the credibility of your work. For example: if you take references from Adam Smith’s book for research in Economics, mention the name of the book and writer in your references.


  1. In case of qualitative research, explain the approach you took and the criteria for choosing the participants and then highlight how you managed to compile the data. 


Qualitative methods are more subjective thus each answer has to be analyzed and well-studied to suit the requirements of the research. Don’t forget to mention your role while collecting qualitative data- whether you took part in the process or stayed out of it. 


For example: you conduct research on the knowledge people have about menstrual hygiene. You are bound to get different answers in this case and sometimes even no answers as well.


  1. In case of interviews, mention the type of questions asked, how the interview was conducted and how many people participated. Also mention how you collect and organize the data of the interviews conducted.

Explain these methods: 

After describing the methods of data collection, reflect on the methods of analyzing the data. For instance, quantitative data has your analysis on the numbers and statistics that came as a result (as in the above example the frequency of a degree marked by people would be noted); 

qualitative data analysis is done based on language and observation of the descriptions given (as in the above example different views and the reason for the same are analyzed.).

Justify your Choices: 

Next try to evaluate these methodological choices and justify them. Try to tell the readers why the alternative you chose was better than all others and how it brought best of the results. 

Your justification adds more credibility to your work, so that the readers get a clear picture of what they are going to witness ahead. 

Thus, these were a few points you must remember while framing a dissertation methodology and now let’s understand how we can strengthen the same:

  • Don’t deviate from your topic while writing the methodology and focus on research questions. This section should contain your objectives and convincing arguments for the method you chose.
  • Cite credible sources while writing the methodology. Try to make your approach a different one to strengthen your research. Citations leave no scope for copyright claim.
  • Know the audience you are writing for and try to bring out details in a brief manner, avoiding any unnecessary data. If you choose a method that is unusual to your field of research, explain and justify this choice in a clear and well-structured manner.
  • While writing dissertation methodology, also reflect upon the hindrances that came your way while collecting data. Explain how you overcame the obstacle and got credible data.

Although, writing a methodology may seem very difficult to some, if they adhere to the points mentioned above in the article, they can very easily overcome the distance and reach their destination. The methods mentioned can give you a better help, than any quora answers or any other site. 

So now when you sit down to write your dissertation methodology keep these points in mind and you will definitely accomplish the task. I am reiterating the fact time and again that earning a Masters or a Doctorate degree is the peak of our accomplishments and writing a dissertation for the same earns us credits. Also, methodology always aids the credits earned by research paper writing. Therefore, one must put all his heart and soul into this work.

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