What are Prediction Markets?

Prediction markets are a new kind of betting mix with bookmakers and stock market gambling. They refer to it as “betting forums,” where gamblers speculate on their ability to forecast significant future occasions, for example, which group will win these coming finals of the NBA.

Although betting inside a prediction market is not the same as making a traditional wager at a sportsbook, they are betting-adjacent with real money at stake and a fantastic resource for gaining insight into how to benefit from guessing the future.

If you are looking for a trusted sportsbook that offers a prediction, okbet is the choice for you to bet on forecasts. Why? Because okbet sportsbook is a trusted one, they have licensed from PAGCOR. That’s why they are legally operated sportsbooks.

If you’re wondering how prediction markets vary from sportsbooks, consider the following: Prediction markets are a tried-and-true method for accurately forecasting the future, despite their complexity in the application.

What Exactly are Prediction Markets?

In technical terms, prediction markets are “exchange-traded markets,” There are several iterations inside the ordinary stock market. A decentralized forum where individuals may purchase, sell, and trade shares with one another, an exchange-traded market is a decentralized marketplace.

Unlike the stock market, prediction markets only trade in the outcomes of events, often tied to politics or economics, and prices represent the chance of a specific event occurring. Prediction market share will always trade between 0% and 100%, and they will always expire at either 0% or 100% of their value. It implies that participants get nothing if their predictions are inaccurate. If they succeed, they will collect the total contract value.

The Real Reason for the Existence of Prediction Markets

Prediction markets may see as a massive experiment aimed at helping individuals anticipate the future with greater precision. They are often founded and run for academic research reasons (not profit).

The core concept driving prediction markets is that the wisdom of the community is more valuable than the skill of any individual. The insight of the group is, in the most straightforward words. Knowledge arises from the collective opinion of a group of individuals instead of the ability of a single expert. Its beginnings may trace to Aristotle’s Politics, in which he posited that collective judgment was superior to individual opinion.

Prediction markets gather a vast assortment of knowledge, attitudes, and facts via their free-market process by incorporating a diverse group of individuals with access to various information. In essence, they provide information in the form of market prices that directly distillate what the collective thinks.

Types of Prediction Markets

Continuous Double Auction (CDA)

Continuous Double Action (CDA) is a mechanism designed to match buyers and sellers of a stock. Consequently, in a CDA system, the matchmaker maintains a ledger to record traders’ bids and asks for a supply.

For instance, if Goldman Sachs wishes to acquire Bank of BPI shares for PHP100, this is recorded as a bid in the ledger. In contrast, if Goldman Sachs expects to sell Bank of BPI shares for PHP100, the transaction will be recorded in the register as an ask. Only when the bid and ask prices of the buyer and seller coincide is a deal conducted.

Automated Market Makers and Market Scoring Requirements

Because the number of buyers and sellers is often uneven in the prediction market, the primary difficulty with employing CDA is the liquidity issue. Most prediction markets have fewer dealers than a traditional stock exchange, such as the Philippine Stock Exchange.

They built an automated market maker and market scoring system in response to the problem. The platform takes the opposing side of all transactions in this method, acting as the house. In doing so, all bids and requests are welcome. built an automated market maker and market scoring system

A bid by a trader for Bank of BPI shares, for instance, will be completed regardless of whether there are no vendors of BPI shares on the market. However, the house determines the price for each stock based on market scoring standards.

Real Money vs. Play Money

Some prediction markets employ actual currency, while others use virtual currency. A real money prediction market functions similarly to a standard one. A virtual money prediction market, on the other hand, rewards traders with a set sum of money when they enter the market. Participants utilize this initial money to trade on the virtual market.

To avoid illiquidity automatic market maker is implemented, and a trader’s profits in virtual money. Okbet is the most popular site to play this kind of prediction market.

Other crowdsourced methods for forecasting

In addition to prediction markets, there are other means of crowdsourcing forecasting, such as opinion surveys. These platforms function by using the crowd’s opinion without the stock market’s process.


Every day, prediction markets become more significant. They are contacting more individuals than any other time in recent memory because of the digitalization of the globe. They have a substantial impact on how people perceive critical international events.

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