What are the benefits of a galvanised steel water tank?

What are the benefits of a galvanised steel water tank?

Galvanised steel water tanks are an efficient way of storing water and other liquids for a wide range of industries. Commonly used for agricultural, industrial, and domestic applications, they can hold large volumes of water for a variety of applications. These include diluting, cooling, irrigation of land, livestock rearing and fire water, to name just a few.

Galvanised steel water tanks have many benefits over water tanks made from other materials, such as polyethylene or concrete, which we’ll discuss below.

Galvanised steel water tanks are safe

Because concrete is a porous material, concrete water tanks can be susceptible to mould, bacteria, and chemical leakage. They can also impart an unpleasant taste and leach lime – increasing pH.

Galvanised steel water tanks, on the other hand, are non-porous, providing no spaces for chemicals to seep through or bacteria to grow. Therefore, your water will always remain safe and uncontaminated.

Steel water tanks are mobile

Whereas concrete water tanks are poured in place and designed to remain there forever, galvanised steel water tanks are mobile.

This means that your water tank can be moved as your needs change, avoiding the stress and cost of pouring a new concrete tank.

More durable than other materials

Plastic water tanks are prone to catastrophic failure in extreme heat. This is because the heat causes the plastic to soften. When combined with the outward pressure of the water within the tank, this can lead to disastrous consequences.

Soil shifting beneath the tank, or the freeze-thaw cycle causing expansion and contraction frequently cause concrete water tanks to suffer from cracks and leaks.

Conversely, galvanised steel water tanks suffer with none of these issues, maintaining their structural integrity for many years.

Galvanised steel water tanks are corrosion resistant

Rust is a common concern when purchasing steel water tanks. However, galvanisation is a proven and highly reliable solution to protect your steel water tank against rusting.

The zinc coating that is applied to steel water tanks during the galvanisation process ensures that your water will be stored safely and uncontaminated by rust. Your galvanised steel water tank will remain resistant to corrosion, with very little maintenance required.

Galvanised steel water tanks are fire resistant

A significant drawback of plastic water tanks is that they have a tendency to ignite under high-intensity heat, such as grass fires, which are increasingly common in the UK.

Galvanised steel water tanks offer much better fire protection, resisting damage to their structural integrity and retaining water during and after exposure to extreme temperatures.

Where to buy galvanised steel water tanks

When purchasing galvanised steel water tanks, it’s essential that you go to a trusted and experienced supplier, who can advise you on the best product for your needs.

Cotterill Civils is a leading supplier of galvanised steel water tanks for a range of applications, providing sizes from 5,000 litres all the way up to 768,000 litres.

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