What are the Best Times to Visit Your Orthodontist??

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that parents seek orthodontist consultation when a child is 7 years old.. At this visit, the orthodontist can evaluate how your child’s teeth, bite and jaw are developing. Even if treatment isn’t yet recommended, it’s better to identify potential problems early on. Early interceptive treatment may prevent the need for more invasive or expensive treatments later on.

Your Child’s First Visit To The Orthodontist

Crowding and Spacing

Teeth begin forming in the mouth of a child at age 3, and most people start noticing the first signs by age 7. By age 12, it is possible to see a crowded tooth, and by age 18, a spacing problem.

If you’re a parent or a grandparent, it’s important to know if your child’s teeth are developing normally. In many cases, you can catch problems early on before they become more obvious. If you think your child might have teeth that are crowding or spacing too close together or too far apart, talk to your dentist immediately.

Tooth Loss and Eruption

Tooth loss and eruption are two different things. Tooth loss involves the complete removal of a tooth from its socket in the jaw, an event that happens to many people for a variety of reasons. Tooth eruption is the process by which teeth break through the gums, a process that all babies go through as they develop their primary (baby) teeth. These terms are also sometimes used to describe the appearance of new teeth when they emerge through the gums.


The primary reason to have your child’s teeth straightened early is that crooked teeth are more susceptible to damage. As children bite and chew on the uneven surfaces of crooked teeth, their jaws get sore and can easily be fractured.

When a child is still small, it’s best not to wait until they are ready to start wearing braces or retainers. By age 7 or 8, ideally, their own orthodontic treatment will be complete enough that they won’t need ongoing care throughout adolescence. Even if they need some additional orthodontic work at 18 or 20, they won’t require as much as if they hadn’t had early treatment.

Protrusive Front Teeth

If your child has an overbite, an orthodontist can help them correct it. An orthodontist is a dentist who specializes in correcting teeth and jaw alignment issues. Regular checkups with your orthodontist, as well as daily at-home care, will help keep your child’s smile looking its best.

H3 Anterior Openbites and Deepbites

There are several techniques for dealing with open and deep bites, but one of the most common is using a technique called H3 (for “hollow-to-heel”) anterior openbites and deepbites. This technique involves using an inserter (a small plastic device with a sharp tip) to gradually remove spaces between your teeth. It’s a fairly simple process that is done in stages to minimize pain.

Posterior Crossbites

Posterior crossbite is a condition in which one or more of the upper teeth fit behind the lower teeth when biting together normally. Posterior crossbites occur when there is a discrepancy between the widths of the upper and lower jaws, resulting in one jaw being too narrow for the other jaw. This can happen on both sides or just to one side of the mouth. If a posterior crossbite only occurs to one side, it is called unilateral crossbite; if it occurs on both sides it is called bilateral crossbite. In addition to causing a posterior crossbite, this discrepancy may also result in crowding, spacing, and tooth rotation problems.

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