What Are the Key Questions to Ask a Potential Domestic Violence Lawyer in Union County, New Jersey?

It is very stressful to get charged with a domestic violence case, irrespective of its degree. That is why you have to take it seriously. If the case goes negatively, it may affect your reputation, peace of mind, employability, and finances.

Plus, domestic violence is a fairly common case in the US, especially in Union County, New Jersey. As a matter of fact, around 1/3 of violent felony cases specifically involve domestic violence.

Whether you are a defendant or victim, ensuring a qualified domestic violence lawyer represents you will be best.

But not every attorney in Union County, New Jersey, is created the same. This is why it is important to interview some domestic violence lawyers. Some of the questions you can ask during an interview are:

1. What is Your Level of Experience?

Among the vital questions you need to ask a potential domestic violence lawyer revolves around their experience. You may begin by asking this question broadly or narrowing it down.

While at it, consider knowing where the lawyer went to school and exactly they graduated. Plus, ask where they worked before and whether they have specialized in domestic violence cases.

2. What Can You Say about the Case’s Outcome?

It is a great idea to directly ask a potential lawyer what to expect from a domestic violence case. With enough experience, an attorney may give you their opinion on your case’s outcome.

This won’t just enable you to get prepared for everything. You will also have the capability of knowing what to expect in your case.

3. How Regularly Do Your Cases Go to Court?

Of course, you would want to ensure your case is dealt with properly. Knowing about an attorney’s casework will speak to their capabilities.

Consider how regularly their domestic violence cases go to court. Only 3% of domestic violence cases proceed to court. And most defendants are often found guilty.

So ask an attorney about the next to take. For instance, you may determine what hearings and filings are needed.

4. How Do You Communicate?

You must have great communication with a domestic violence lawyer in Union County, New Jersey, and speak freely.

It is equally vital to know when you may reach your attorney and make sure they are easy to reach out to. The very last thing you do is to work with a flaky lawyer.

5. What Are Your Training and Education?

Irrespective of whether a lawyer is civil or criminal, they have one thing in common. They all went to a law school.

The law requires every attorney to attend law school and graduate before handling any case, including domestic violence issues.

If you are searching for the best domestic violence attorney in Union County, it will be best to ask about the specialized training they underwent.

Final Remarks!

Currently, about 65 million individuals in the US have domestic violence records. Whether you violated a domestic violence law or are just a victim, you might want to seek the help of an attorney with experience, a good reputation, and skills in the field.

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