What Does an Arborist Do? A Comprehensive Overview

Imagine a world without trees – sounds bleak, doesn’t it? Trees are not just key providers of oxygen, but they add significant value to our lives in many other ways, from enhancing our landscapes to providing shade and a habitat for wildlife.

However, the care and maintenance of these natural giants require professional expertise. This is where an arborist comes in, serving as the silent hero in the backdrop, ensuring the health and vitality of our urban forest cover.

In this brief article, we will go over what an arborist is, what they do, and some of the most common services they provide.

What an Arborist Does

A professional arborist is certified in the science and art of planting, caring for, and maintaining all types of trees. Their work demands a wealth of knowledge in tree biology and the practical application of that knowledge to bolster tree health and enhance the beauty of landscapes.

Consulting & Advice

Arborists excel in providing expert advice and consultations regarding various aspects of arboriculture. They guide homeowners on the types of trees suitable for different areas and the ideal tree-planting techniques, contributing to the creation of green and sustainable landscapes.

Tree Removal

While tree removal is typically a last resort, it sometimes becomes necessary due to disease, infestation, or safety risks. Skilled arborists carefully evaluate the situation and employ best practices for tree removal, prioritising safety and minimal disruption to the ecosystem.

Lopping & Pruning

Regular pruning and lopping help maintain a tree’s health and structural integrity. Arborists skillfully remove dead or damaged branches, manage tree shape and size, and mitigate potential risks posed by unstable branches, thereby ensuring a safe and vibrant green space.

Emergency Service

The aftermath of severe weather events often requires emergency tree care. Arborists are equipped to handle such situations, mitigating the risks associated with damaged trees and ensuring the safety of homes and their inhabitants.

Stump Grinding

Post tree removal, the lingering stump can be an eyesore and a potential risk. Arborists offer stump grinding services, effectively eliminating the stump and mitigating the chances of new sprouts or pest infestations.


Arborists understand the importance of mulching in promoting tree health. By retaining soil moisture, inhibiting weed growth, and enriching the soil, mulching services offered by arborists provide a substantial boost to tree health and longevity. This can make a big difference over time, enabling the trees to reach their full potential.

Arborists are more than just tree carers; they are scientists, advisers, and skilled technicians who work diligently to preserve and enhance our urban green spaces. Their work requires a sophisticated understanding of tree biology, coupled with practical skills to effectively manage and care for trees.

If you’re eager to learn more about the compelling work these professionals do, or if you find yourself in need of a skilled arborist, further exploration of this field will undoubtedly prove fascinating and beneficial. Remember, you should always trust a qualified arborist for professional tree care and tree removal. 


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