What does the AEON Credit Service do?

What does the AEON Credit Service do?

The AEON Credit Service offers three types of loans to customers. They include: personal loan, appliance loan, and furniture loan. Understanding the need to quickly get a fast cash loan from anywhere by customers in the Philippines, the company has developed a self-service app that allows you to apply for money simply by using your phone.

The app also allows you to monitor your loans and pay monthly installments without having to queue up at a branch office. This is especially helpful during this age of pandemic fear.

How can I apply for a loan at AEON Credit Service?

There are two ways that you can apply for a loan at AEON. Firstly, you can visit stores that accept AEON services and present to them two (2) valid IDs. Secondly, you can download the AEON Credit Ph app to your mobile phone and process your application right from the comfort of your home.

Take out a loan with just your phone thanks to AEON Credit Service

Online fast loans are relatively new in the Philippines in recent years. However, this form of loans has quickly become popular and accepted by many people. Through simple procedures, you can solve any money issues in a short time, without much hassle. You only need some ID documents, your phone number, and your bank account. Fast loans also have extremely quick clearance time, from 5 minutes to 24 hours only!

The AEON Credit Service is one of the best places you can apply for such a loan in the Philippines. Whether you are looking for a small loan for any personal reason, a loan to buy new appliances, or a loan to furnish your new home, AEON has got you covered!

Do I have to go to an office to apply for my loan?

Not at all! Thanks to the Internet and the availability of mobile devices in the Philippines, you can do everything without having to leave your home at all! Many stores in your local area will accept payments through mobile apps, and AEON apps are no exception. To get a loan using AEON Credit Service, simply:

  1. Install the AEON mobile app and select the type of loan you need.
  2. Fill the form and prepare the documents required.
  3. Wait for an AEON credit manager to call you for a short interview.
  4. Receive an SMS to know how you will receive your cash.

You only need two (2) valid IDs and proof that you have a stable income to get a loan from AEON.

What if I only have one government ID? Will I still be able to apply for a loan at AEON?
Yes, you can. AEON accepts UMID, SSID, Passport, Driver’s License, and GSIS ID as your primary document. However, you will have to present a Company ID, Philihealth ID, Tin ID, Voter’s ID, or Barangay ID as your secondary document.

Want to learn more? Head to UpFinance!

To learn more information about the interest rates, minimum loan amounts, and payment terms at AEON Credit Service, you can simply look up on UpFinance, a convenient website with constantly up-to-date information about every financial institution in the Philippines.

Here you can find suitable loans with the best conditions for your situation. UpFinance is here to help you do proper research before making any money-related decisions that can affect your life.

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