What Exactly Do You Get When You Buy Hornady Frontier 5.56?

If you’re in the market to buy Hornady Frontier 5.56 ammunition, then all the marketing out there will give you some idea that you’re getting a high quality product. But what exactly are you getting in terms of value for money? What are the real, physical benefits?

Well, to begin with, you get a great grouping (practice dependant) and they’re appealing from a cost aspect too. They’re at a price point that’s easy on the wallet and the fact these rounds are reloadable makes them perfect for shooters on a budget.

So, before we even properly get started on the performance aspect, you know you’re going to get ammo that you’re going to be able to use in high volumes without worrying about the cost.

High Quality Manufactured Ammunition

While you might expect a lower-priced bullet to be of a lower quality, that’s not, in reality, what you get when you buy Hornady Frontier 5.56 ammo. What you DO get is an annealed brass casing that stands the test of time and can be reloaded time after time after time.

This shouldn’t be a surprise, however, as these rounds are the product of a winning partnership between Hornady and Lake City ammunition – both being larger reputable industry names. So, in a very real sense, you’re getting top quality for a really attractive price.

Home Defense Performance

Of course, there is another aspect that you need to consider when you buy Hornady Frontier 5.56 ammunition and that’s how it performs for the job it was bought for. So, let’s assume that that purpose was home defense – is it a good choice?

When it comes to stopping power, however, .556 ammo isn’t the best. In fact, there are quite a few handgun rounds that are bigger and pack more of a punch. Although, an automatic like an AR15 will give you the ability to fire off a quick burst and take down whatever it is that’s coming at you.

Then there’s the issue of over-penetration, as you don’t want to be hitting things that you’re not meant to. The good news is that when you buy Hornady 5.56 Frontier ammo, that’s not a problem, as it’s specially designed not to.

All 5.56 loads – including Hornady .223 rounds – have been designed to rapidly expand when coming into contact with the human body. This results in the maximum cavitation of the wound and you won’t need to be having your drywall replaced afterwards either.

All In All – Great Value For Money

Whichever way you slice it, .556 Frontier ammo is a wise choice. Not only does it offer the kind of quality you normally have to pay a lot more for, but you get the kind of home defense performance that you can rely on. Sure, it might not have quite the stopping power of other types of ammo, but when it’s used in an automatic, that becomes much less of an issue.

All in all, we’d say, great value for money.

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