What Is A Weekender Travel Bag?

A weekend bag or a weekender has been in the industry since the 1920s. This term is associated with luggage-ware that has enough capacity for stuff that can last for one or two days. This bag comes in the form of a backpack, satchel, duffel, or maybe a tote. 

This bag is termed a weekender because it is ideal for people who are looking for a short outing during the weekend. The term is associated with a bag that is hold all and has open top and two handles to carry. Leather, nylon, or canvas travel backpack  are common. 

These bags have gained popularity because of the increasing trend of people that love to travel out of the city during the weekend. It is also a style choice for many and is a travel accessory that is preferred over a small suitcase that has got wheels. 

What you can pack in your weekender bag?

This is highly a personal choice and varies according to your gender too. But the basic rule for packing a weekender bag is not to pack too much. The first reason for this is you will surely not look stylish if you have a heavy bag that you cannot lift comfortably. 

The other one is to keep some extra space for any impulse buys that you would do from the place where you are traveling to. Plan your activities and choose your luggage accordingly. Having an additional small bag for daily use is also a good idea. You should travel light by making a thoughtful choice of clothing and accessories.

Can a carry-on a good idea for a weekend bag?

Usually, carry-ons are a popular style of men’s weekend travel bag. Mostly all weekender bags are designed to meet the capacity restrictions of an airline cabin. You can still check with the airlines before you start packing your bag. 

Characteristics of a good weekend bag:

  • It should suit your style and help you stay comfortable and feel good while traveling. 
  • It should be a pleasure to use rather than being too heavy and bulky.
  • It should be made of tough material that won’t let you down. Opting for a waterproof bag with robust stitching and zips, comfortable handles, and material that does not get scratches easily is preferable. 
  • If it is a shoulder bag, then the strap should have a shoulder pad for comfort. 
  • A bag with a zip pocket on the inside can be a handy and secure place for a wallet and phone. The external pocket can be used for items that you will need to be easily accessible.

What size of the weekend bag should you choose?

If you are traveling by plane, make sure the size of the bag should be such that you can carry it on board rather than keeping it as check-in luggage, it save a lot of time. Usually, the dimensions preferred are 55cm, 25cm, and 45 cm. Choose a soft-sided bag that can fit into a smaller dimension too, unless it is filled. You can find good leather bags manufacturer online to buy.

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