What is Cloud-Hosted UCaaS and Why Should You Use It?

As the cloud-hosted Unified-Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS) moves into mainstream adoption, more and more organizations are recognizing the value it offers. The solution combines a host of features, including premises-based IP telephony, web conferencing and integrated audio, collaboration, mobility, business application integration, and video solutions in a single service.

Before we dig deeper into why you should consider adopting the solution, let’s discover what is cloud-hosted UCaaS.

What is Cloud-Hosted UCaaS?

According to Gartner, UCaaS is a cloud-hosted system that delivers a range of services, including mobility, instant messaging, telephony, meetings, unified messaging, and communication-enabled business processes. In other words, it merges internet-based messaging and phones to develop a full-fledged communications platform. Organizations around the world leverage UCaaS to provide remote employees with collaboration tools. All UCaaS solutions can be used on one’s computer, smartphone, or desk phone.

Now that you know what is cloud-hosted UCaaS, read on to learn why you should consider using it:

Why Should You Use Cloud-Hosted UCaaS?

Enhanced Efficiency

Cloud-hosted UCaaS improves your budgetary and IT resource efficiencies by providing you with a communications solution that helps you avoid the costs associated with traditional on-premises systems and, support and management for them.

With UCaaS, you can easily avoid the upfront capital outlay and plan more efficiently as the monthly expense is predictable. Since there’s no need to maintain and support a physical, on-premises system, UCaaS also improves IT efficiencies. This way, you should be able to focus your IT resources on providing strategic value and core competencies to foster business growth.

Emergency Recover

You’ll also be impressed to know that in the case of a disaster, your UCaaS service provider will adapt to your changed situation without requiring additional payment. Reliable companies are incorporating UCaaS into their Disaster Recovery Plans to ensure the protection of your business communications in the event of an emergency.

Business Agility

Many IT firms struggle to balance daily operations with their strategic projects. Given UCaaS’s speed of deployment, it makes a trustworthy solution. It can be rolled out without the need for time and resources linked to a legacy deployment model. On top of that, there’s no need to plan or implement system updates.

Moreover, you can deploy novel applications to a department or specific users as soon as the solutions become available. This is because UCaaS allows for quick updating through the cloud. Since updates can be implemented without causing disruption to the system, your IT team should enjoy greater flexibility with their communications system.

Allows Employees to Work From Home

Your employees need the flexibility to be able to work efficiently. UCaaS allows your employees to work remotely from their homes without having to use specialized equipment. This eliminates the need for an on-premises phone system. Based on recent findings, people who work from home happen to be more productive. Plus, operating costs are also reduced.

Deliver Better Customer Experience

It’s usually the challenges between staff and technology that lead to a bad customer experience. With cloud-hosted UCaas, you can develop an optimal customer experience. The latest UCaaS solutions come with a CRM integration that helps you know more about your customer with every interaction. This way, you’re better able to focus your touch points on customer satisfaction.


Now that you have an in-depth understanding of cloud-hosted UCaaS solutions, it’s time to find the right solution provider. For an extraordinary and flawless online communications solution, contact (804) 964-1700  or write to us at [email protected] Richmond Telecom today!

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