What is Custom Dakimakura Body Suit?

There are many different styles and designs of Dakimakura body pillows. The main differences between them are the fabric, colors, and size. To find the right style for you, read on to learn more about Dakimakura body pillows. You can also learn more about Diipoo.


Dakimakura body pillows are a popular gift for young people. Designed as a full-length orthopaedic pillow, they feature artwork by popular anime artists. These pillow covers have become increasingly popular around the world. They are available in many fabrics, including smooth knit (a one-way stretch fabric) and two-way tricot, which is durable and wrinkle-free. For first-time buyers, peach skin is a popular option because of its soft peach appearance.

Dakimakura body pillows can be a fun way to show your personality. Made of high-quality material, these customized body pillow are designed to be comfortable and functional. These pillow covers are available in a wide variety of sizes and materials, and they can be customized with a favorite character or text.


Custom Dakimakura body pillows are a great way to enhance relaxation and promote well-being. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and are made from fabrics that conform to the body’s unique shape. The materials used to make these body pillows are latex, cotton, and memory foam.

The dakimakura body pillow is made of soft, comfortable fabric that can be customized to suit individual preference. There are different kinds of fill materials available for custom pillows, but down is the most popular and durable option. Down is three times as long-lasting as synthetic alternatives. European white goose down is the highest quality down, but silk is a good alternative, too.

A good quality fabric with a smooth surface is best for these pillows. The fabric must be soft and comfortable, with minimal movement. You should also avoid using dark-coloured towels as these will stain the fabric.


If you want to create a unique and memorable body pillow, you need to choose the right fabric. The best choice is velvet because of the velvet fabric’s soft touch and its unique picture quality. However, you should be aware that velvet is the most expensive type of fabric and is less durable than other fabrics. For this reason, it is best to wash it by hand. Another option is smooth knit fabric, which is one-way stretch. It is an ideal fabric for a body pillow, as it does not wrinkle easily and is also very elastic.

When choosing a color for your custom Dakimakura body pillow, you need to ensure that the color does not come off too easily. It should be a neutral shade and not too bright. For example, a customized body pillow dark blue design may not look great if it washes several times. Also, the dark blue color will not print well on darker fabrics. If you want to use a printed design, make sure that you show proof of ownership.


There are varying sizes of custom Dakimakura body suits, and you’ll want to find one that is the right size for you. Not only should you consider the size, but also how comfortable it is. Different people have different heights, weights, and ages, so choosing a suitable size is a must.


Dakimakura body pillows are popular with young people, and the traditional Japanese style is 160 x 50cm, which is about 59 x 19.5 inches. You can purchase body pillows made with a standard sized cover, or you can choose a custom pillow made of a specialized fabric. You can also use blank inflatable pillow inserts to customize your pillow. You can even get a custom pillow cover that’s made of a high-quality material that will last a long time.

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