What Is Estate Planning and Questions to Ask Your Attorney

In Greenville, South Carolina, there are 10,000 lawyers. The lawyer population enhanced by 15.7 percent in the past decade. But many adults don’t have proper estate planning documents. The estate consists of all that you own. When you die, you probably desire to control how these things will be distributed among your loved ones. For it, you must provide the necessary instructions. Estate planning can be challenging. But the estate planning attorneys can make your life easier on everyone you care about. A reliable estate planning attorney in Greenville, SCoffers a free initial consultation and works with passion for getting the job done on time.

What is Estate Planning?

Estate planning is making an advanced plan and naming organizations or people you desire to be handed over those things that you own after your death. It also includes taking steps to execute your plan as easily as possible. Good estate planning includes the following:

  • It has instructions for handling your financial matters and taking care of you if you become incapacitated before dying.
  • It also includes necessary arrangements for disability income insurance. It is for replacing your income in case you aren’t able to work because of injury or illness.
  • It has provisions for the transfer of your business at the time of your retirement, incapacity, disability, or death. In it, you name a guardian for the care and inheritance of your minor children.
  • It also provides for those members of your family who have special needs.
  • An estate planning also has provisions for your near ones who may act irresponsibly with money.

Questions That You Should Ask Your Prospective Estate Planning Attorney

You must learn about the estate planning process to determine a good attorney for yourself. A good estate planning attorney in Greenville, SC, carries out planning for their clients who are unable to care for themselves at a later stage in life. Their estate planning services allow you to understand the varied aspects and options in estate planning law. It, in turn, helps you make better decisions in planning your estate. Here are some crucial questions you must ask your lawyer.

  • Is the primary focus of the lawyer on estate planning? – Proceed with that lawyer only if they say yes to this query. An estate specialist is current with all the modifications to legal statutes and possesses the needed strategic know-how to word the document effectively.
  • How long has the attorney been practicing? – It’s best to find a highly experienced attorney. The attorney should have witnessed the prepared document taking effect after the expiration of a client.
  • Does the attorney execute the plan? Some attorneys only draw up estate-planning documents, while others run the related trusts. It is best to go with a lawyer who belongs to the latter category.
  • Do the attorneys conduct a periodic review? – Some estate planning attorneys annually or semi-annually review your affairs. It is crucial, as changes to the plan can be necessary if you experience a difference in your financial condition. New legislative amendments can also modify certain aspects of estate planning.
  • Can the attorney help you in making a detailed estate plan? – A comprehensive estate plan includes trusts, wills, and life insurance. The attorney must be aware of these areas.

After selecting an appropriate attorney, find out about their support staff. The presence of a skilled team ensures quick turnaround of documents and punctual communication.

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