What is MSME? Its Meaning, Full Form, Role and Importance in India

What is MSME?

When you’re interested in setting up your business in India, it is important to first understand MSME. In a nutshell, MSME is nothing but Micro, small and medium enterprises that are engaged in manufacturing, processing, production of goods. Today, MSME sector to a great extent in the framing the economy of India and is also considered as a backbone of an Indian economy. 

Role of MSME in the Indian economy

MSMEs have played a very crucial role in generating and providing the employment opportunities in India. MSME sector is acting as a complementary unit to the large sectors and are contributing a lot to its development. Across the world, MSMEs have been accepted as a primary means of economic growth and for encouraging equitable development. MSMEs are also known for generating the highest rate of growth in the economy. MSMEs have driven our country to reach new heights through by low investment, smooth and flexible operations, and also to develop appropriate native technology.

What is MSME/SME Loan?

SME loan or an MSME loan is a type of small business loan that the financial institutions grant to the business owners, SMEs, MSMEs, and the Start ups. MSME loan schemes are launched and introduced in order to meet the businesses with their day to day expenses, working capital requirements, cash flow requirements, buy any new type of equipment, etc.

Importance of MSME in India

Now that we have understood what MSME is and what is the role of MSME in the Indian economy, let us now look at the importance of MSME.

    • MSMEs works for the well being of artisans and workers
    • MSMEs also provides credit limit or funds from the banks
    • MSMEs promotes and encourages entrepreneurship development in India and also gives equal importance to skill up gradation with the help of  specialized training centres
    • MSMEs further also supports technology upgradation, infrastructure development and urbanization
    • MSMEs provides aid for improved access to domestic and the export markets
    • MSMEs provides modern testing facilities and also provides quality certification
  • MSMEs supports packaging, product development and design intervention

Lastly, MSME was launched in 2006 and now eventually become an integral part of not only the supply chain for products and services; but also it has become a creator of employment opportunities in the India. Government of India has also launched many schemes to credit facility and guarantee to the borrowers and one such scheme is CGTMSE loan scheme. MSMEs contribute to around 8% towards the GDP, and it also employs more than 60 million people. MSMEs have a huge market of about 40% in the exports and about 45% in manufacturing sector.


1. Who is eligible to apply online for MSME registration?

Any business owner with a valid Aadhaar Number can apply for online MSME Registration.

2. What are the documents required for getting a quick MSME loan?

You need proof of business registration, 12-month bank statements, PAN card details, GST and IT filings and KYC info in digital format to avail a quick MSME loan.

3. How shall I utilize an MSME loan fully?

You can make use of MSME loan funds, by utilizing it for your working capital requirements, inventory management or even for purchase of machinery etc.

4. How can I get Mudra loan?

To apply for MUDRA loan:

– You need to keep all the required documents ready. Applicants are required  to have the necessary documents required to avail a MUDRA loan

– Approach an NBFC like Ziploan

– And download the MUDRA loan application form, and fill in the loan application and find public/private bank and finish all the formalities

– Once the process is completed, the loan gets sanctioned.

5. How can CGTMSE benefit the businesses?

MSMEs contribute to around 10% of the GDP and they also provide employment opportunities to the people in Indian. Considering the difficulties faced by the MSME sector in avaviling the credit facilities, the CGTMSE loan scheme can be a boon in a long way in removing these difficulties and allow the lenders to be easy going in extending credit facility.

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