What is Nursing Home Abuse, and How to Recognize It?

When you take a loved one to a nursing home, you expect them to receive the best care from the staff and other people around them. Unfortunately, there have been cases of seniors being neglected in nursing homes and others falling victim to abuse by staff members and caretakers. Nursing home abuse takes different forms. This article will discuss four types of nursing home abuse and how to recognize abuse.

Common Types of Nursing Home Abuse

There are four main types of abuse in nursing homes that seniors are likely to face. If you are a victim of the abuse or your loved one has been abused, it is important to work with experienced personal injury attorneys in Rock Hill, SC, to ensure you or your loved one gets justice. Here are forms of abuse.

1. Physical Abuse

A senior may be abused in a nursing home. It may include punching, kicking, slapping, or restraint behavior like using chains. Additionally, physical abuse may also include withholding medications or administering forbidden medications. You can suspect physical abuse if the caregiver does not allow you to stay alone with the resident. Your loved one may also have unexplained broken bones, bruises, or scars. You may also notice signs of restraints on wrists and legs.

2. Sexual Abuse

It is also possible for a senior to be abused sexually, although these cases are not widely spread. Remember, sexual abuse is not limited to physical contact between two people. It can also involve verbal communication and other acts. Signs of sexual abuse may be reported or unreported injuries on genitals and breasts, STD diagnoses, stained bedding, torn clothes, or unexplained vaginal bleeding.

3. Financial Exploitation

Older adults in nursing homes are also prone to financial exploitation for different reasons like poor eyesight, poor memory, and others. Therefore, they may need help managing their bank accounts and reading emails. This reliance has made senior people the main target of exploitation in nursing homes and other places. Because of the nature of the stay, caregivers often take advantage of them by accessing their bank account details, stealing their identity, and scamming them. Another common exploitation is healthcare fraud, where caregivers charge for unnecessary or non-existing services. You will know if the resident is being exploited financially if there are unexpected or unexplainable changes to their will. You may also note the disappearance of money or personal property, unpaid bills, questionable additions of beneficiaries, and unexplainable charges to credit cards.

4. Emotional Abuse

Your loved one may also be going through emotional abuse. It can be defined as actions that deliberately cause anguish, fear, or anxiety. Emotional abuse also does not have to be a confrontation. It can also include behavior such as ignoring the needs and requests of a resident. This kind of abuse can result in severe mental and physical damage. You can notice warning signs like questionable behavior and threats from the caregiver. The caregiver may also refuse to allow you to be alone with your loved one.

End Note

Abuse in a nursing home can take different forms. It is crucial to know our loved ones and recognize when there are suspicious changes. If you notice any of the signs discussed here, it may be advisable to follow up on the issues. Ensure you get a personal injury lawyer to help you build a case if you think your loved one has been abused.

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