What Is PBX SIP Trunking?

Ten years after VoIP was first introduced into the market, more and more businesses and consumers are utilizing VoIP and IP telephony. Businesses who use VoIP enjoy less costs, more efficient networks, and increased productivity form their employees. VoIP has gone from a niche market to a mainstream technology.

Moving businesses from traditional PBXs (private branch exchange) and key systems to an IP trunking alternative offers the business large decreases for ongoing operations costs, like T1 leasing and maintenance. But there is a world beyond cost reduction: SIP trunking allows for greater services and productivity to the users while growing revenue and loyalty of subscribers.

It’s expected that the worldwide SIP trunking market will grow from 2.6 million SIP trunks to 22.3 million by the year 2015. Not all markets offer this massive amount of growth potential.

SIP Trunking Network:

Any service provider that’s planning to move into SIP trunking market has to plan and begin a solid process and infrastructure in order to provide a carrier-quality SIP trunking product. As there are a number of factors at play in a carrier-grade VoIP network, that means that any VoIP services provider must implement their SIP trunking with a beginning to end vision of how the company will plan, implement and support their service.

SIP plays a large role in business continuity as it provides the customer the ability to continue making and getting telephone calls in the event of a power outage. As the SIP trunking solution is in front of the customers IP PBX and has advanced routing abilities, the service provider can offer alternate routing if the customer’s PBX is unavailable. Many SIP trunking solutions allow the customer a web interface for the administrator to configure how calls should be routed if the PBX is not available on the network.

PBX SIP Trunking is the fastest-growing area of VoIP and studies indicate that SIP trunking will continue to grow in the foreseeable future, making SIP trunking a very attractive business for providers.

Here are some Business VoIP tips to get you started

With so many VoIP Providers on the Internet, you can easily become lost or discouraged trying to find the one that offers the right features at a reasonable price. Still, it’s a good idea to persevere to find one that you can trust. The savings in long distance calls and equipment will more than pay for itself in the long run.

Here’s a few items that will help you frame any search.

Remember that for this type of Business Phone Service, as well as a lot of other accessories that you buy for business, the lowest price isn’t always the best choice. It’s a good idea to spend some time researching or asking colleagues what the median price is for the service with the features you might need like Call Center Solutions. With that base point number, it should be easy to identify the providers that are well under the norm. These should generally be avoided.

The overall look of the website should tell you, along with the price, which customer base they are trying to attract. A well thought out and designed site that highlights different packages is more serious about winning small business over than a site that emphasizes great rates to countries like USA.

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