What is the cloud?

It’s been the new fashionable IT concept for a few years, impossible to miss, everyone talks about it, advertising is omnipresent, and even our dear devices keep reminding us of the existence of the cloud.

The cloud is very popular because it has moved into the “mainstream” world of computing, previously confined to businesses or the most seasoned of users, it is now available everywhere, for everyone, and all the time. I also offer you a complete comparison of the offers that I have been able to test for you. But then what is the cloud? What’s the point? And why is it fashionable? Let’s try to see all this together.

What is the cloud?

I will try to give you a definition that is not too complex and that is applicable to all kinds of clouds. So the cloud is the provision of remote computing resources. Short definition, if we don’t want it to become false or reductive. Because the cloud, a very generic term, is actually made up of several uses

In the sense that the majority of you must hear, the cloud is the possibility of storing data on the internet. But it can also be renting computing power, a gaming computer, or other things, such as a dedicated server for hosting…

The Hotspot Software and cloud is access to remote computer resources, which generally do not belong to us. And this word cloud? If you have some basics in English, you know that it means “cloud”, and indeed, it is quite telling if we think that these resources are located, we do not know where, in the nebula of the network, somewhere on a Datacenter. Sorry for the dreamers, no the cloud is not located in the sky. If we wanted to simplify the definition, even more, we could say that the cloud is access to someone else’s computer, to take advantage of its capabilities.

You will have noticed it, I remain rather vague when I speak about capacities, I do not site anything precise. And you’re right, there’s a reason for that, the Cloud, in its full name, cloud computing, actually encompasses several things. To put it very simply, and to mention only the main uses of the moment, the Cloud can be: Storage, the resources that are therefore shared are therefore hard disks, it is the cloud that you know.

Computing power, the shared resources are therefore mainly processor resources and RAM memory, it is mainly used by researchers and students to carry out studies for example. Complete servers, where all the resources of the machine (physical or virtual) are shared via a remote desktop connection, in order to be able to host and administer websites for example, or to serve as a seedbox.

Gaming computers, here too, all the resources are shared, what interests the remote player is the power of the machine-made available. It is a fairly recent use of cloud computing, and one of the world leaders in this field is French, it is the company Shadow.

What is the cloud for and why is it fashionable?

Cloud storage

The cloud, we have just said, can be the sharing of different resources. In its broadest sense, the cloud is online storage. A service provider, in exchange for a certain amount of money (see our cloud comparison), will make available to you a certain portion of one of its hard drives from one of its servers from one of its Datacenters.

Thanks to this cloud storage, you will be able to store data from any of your devices (computer, smartphone, etc.), and above all, have access to it from anywhere on the globe and at any time. . It is therefore very easily understandable that this type of universal and always available hard drive is very popular at a time when computer threats are numerous and when mobile work has never been practiced so much.

With Cloud WiFi storage, you can keep data safe, outside your home, by entrusting it to experienced people who will be able to guarantee its security, a bit like a bank in the end. And with cloud storage, you can also take important documents with you everywhere, without having to worry about carrying a storage medium and without worrying about copying the files on it. Usually, the easiest and fastest way to access these files is through a simple internet browser, so your data is virtually available from any computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Smartphones also benefit from this cloud storage. Although things are getting better and better, phones (or tablets) don’t have unlimited storage space. Subscribing to a cloud offering will allow you to considerably increase your phone’s memory and on top of that keep documents and photos synchronized with the rest of your devices. Moreover, so that you can work easily, from your mobile devices, or from someone else’s computer, some cloud storage offers even make online office suites available to their subscribers.

Because the memory of our mobile devices tends to increase, the files they produce are more and more voluminous, and in the end, the situation has not changed much in recent years in terms of available space.

Cloud computing

Cloud Hotspot computing has another use for it, even if it remains in the same philosophy. Renting a server or game computer will allow you to use it from another medium. Imagine, for example, that you could play a big fashionable video game over 4G from your tablet, or that you could manage all the sites that you host on your server from anywhere in the world.

It is cloud gaming that we talk about the most at this level, for a few months it has been the new fashionable term, and it is even seen by many players as the future of video games.

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