What is the scope of PMP Certification in Mumbai?

Almost every industry these days needs project managers to manage complicated projects, which primarily involve governance, project planning, resource management, monitoring, reporting, and resolution of problems to ensure that essential projects are accomplished within stipulated time and budget constraints. So, if you are seeking a career in project management in Mumbai, you must consider taking the PMP certification in Mumbai, as it’s one of the most coveted certifications across different industries. However, before taking the PMP certification, you need to ensure that you have attained at least 3-5 years of managerial work experience. To know better about PMP certification, let’s read further!

What is PMP certification?

Over time, the Project Management Professional certification or PMP certification has emerged as one of the most sought-after certifications among project managers. Nowadays, a majority of the organizations in the world are recruiting PMP-certified professionals only for managing their projects, making them recognized across the globe. A PMP certificate renders a professional the ability to work in any industry, with any methodology, at any location, proving how versatile the certification is. Reports state that a PMP-certified individual earns nearly 17% higher than his non-certified counterparts. And this is what makes the PMP certification so desirable.

Who’s Eligible for a PMP certification?

An individual who has adequate work experience managing every responsibility of a project from the starting till the end and has been involved in a similar kind of role in the industry is eligible to take the PMP certification. Additionally, the individual should be capable of leading and directing the interdepartmental teams within a fixed budget and time, and that too with quality.

Coming to educational qualifications, to qualify for PMP certification, one needs to hold a bachelor’s degree in any stream with experience of 3-5 years specific to project management or leadership roles.

Why should one get PMP certification?

While there are numerous reasons to get PMP certified, let’s focus upon the primary reasons justifying the popularity of the PMP certification.

  • One-third of the project managers hired by Indian firms are PMP certified who are making a difference to the firms by improving project delivery, budget allocation goal settings.
  • Getting a PMP certification helps individuals comprehend the global viewpoint of project management and develop a solid professional network worldwide.
  • A PMP certification makes you stand out from the crowd holding general management degrees with no other skills.
  • PMP-certified individuals catch the attention of recruiters faster than non-certified ones because the certification is proof of one’s project management skills and abilities.
  • Gaining a PM certification is not everyone’s cup of tea since the process of PMP certification is rigorous and tests one’s ability to handle projects with efficiency. While granting the certification, the Project Management Institute critically analyzes every individual’s knowledge and potential and then only certifies the individual, making the PMP certification the most distinct one.
  • Individuals with PMP certification are likely to get a salary hike of nearly 17% than the non-certified ones.
  • PMP-certified individuals can grab a job easily anywhere, anytime!
  • With PMP-specific jobs likely to reach 22 million by 2027, PMP-certified individuals will be in great demand in the upcoming years.

Scope of PMP certification

It’s projected that project management-specific jobs will likely increase by 33% by the end of 2027. This is enough to understand what a role PMP certification can play in shaping the future of project managers. PMP certified individuals may easily find scope in the following major industries:

  • Civil engineering and construction-based industries: These industries need project managers in abundance to take care of various projects. With the development in urban and rural areas and technological advancements, these industries hire skilled professionals who can manage the projects well. Thus PMP certified individuals have a great scope in these industries.
  • Healthcare industry: Health-based industries have been witnessing tremendous growth in the past few decades. These days, we can see healthcare industries using big data analytics and other technologies for a seamless running of various processes. PMP-certified individuals are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to make their way to any healthcare industry and boost their careers.
  • Finance-based companies: These are highly optimized industries where projects launched for process improvement or implementation need to be monitored by skilled project managers. In such sectors, PMP professionals can easily find a place for themselves.

Salary of PMP certified professionals in India

The salary of PMP professionals varies by region and the job roles they are involved in. So let’s have a look at their salaries in the tables below:

Salary of PMP certified professionals: By region

Region Salary (Lakhs per Annum)
Bangalore 25-30 LPA
Mumbai 10-20 LPA
Chennai 5-15 LPA
Delhi 8-15 LPA

 Salary of PMP certified professionals: By Job Roles

Job Profile Average Salary (Lakhs per Annum)
Project Director 22 LPA
Project Manager 21 LPA
Team Lead 10 LPA


Getting a PMP certification can be a strenuous and costly affair. However, considering its benefits, it’s simply worth it to have a PMP certification. Because earning a PMP certification can take you places and help you make an incredibly higher salary than the non-certified individuals.To get a competitive advantage over others, simply plunge and get your PMP certification as soon as possible!

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