What is the top technology powering Metaverse?

The company’s mission is to make Metaverse more immersive. To this end, they are using leading technologies such as blockchain, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, IoT, 3D construction to power virtual three-dimensional worlds. In this regard, let us understand these technologies and enhance Metaverse.

Blockchain and Cryptography

Blockchain technology is crucial to the development and continuous evolution of Metaverse. With blockchain, businesses can build decentralized and transparent solutions for digital proof of ownership, digital collectibility, value transfer, interoperability. Additionally, cryptocurrencies act as a medium of exchange, enabling the transfer of value between users while exploring and socializing in a 3D virtual space. For example, gamers of popular titles like Decentraland need the native digital currency, MANA, to purchase virtual lands and other accessories to continue playing. The future we most likely see is that people who contribute to the development of the metaverse ecosystem will be incentivized through cryptocurrencies, similar to how miners get by validating transactions and adding previous blocks to the blockchain remuneration. Seeing such possibilities, we can expect amazing innovations related to the blockchain-based Metaverse in the future.

3D reconstruction

3D technology is not new, but it has become powerful over time through many iterations. The impact of 3D reconstruction is increasing in many industries, especially the real estate business. Due to prolonged shutdowns and social distancing practices, people are missing out on the opportunity to visit properties they would love to buy in person. As a solution, real estate agencies employ 3D reconstruction technology to show potential buyers around properties without forcing them to leave. Much like Metaverse, 3D reconstructions help create a natural environment in which users can navigate using their avatars to examine replicas of physical buildings and objects. To further enhance their experience, the developers combined 3D with 4K HD technology.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is widely used in our daily lives: business automation, strategy and planning, facial recognition, faster computing, and more. Likewise, artificial intelligence has been creating immersive virtual spaces. Regardless of the type of project (gamefi, gaming, commercial or general niche), AI is adding value to Metaverse in a number of ways, including:-

  • With AI, data processing and management becomes easier and faster.
  • For Game Metaverse, AI empowers non-player characters in different situations, improving how they act and interact.
  • AI technology analyzes 3D scans and images to generate more realistic avatars and align with real participants.
  • The technology is also critical to making the entire Metaverse process more dynamic so that the user experience is captivating every time they enter the space.
  • Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

AR and VR are vital to the Metaverse as it provides users with an engaging and immersive 3D experience. These two technologies are entry points to virtual worlds, metaverses, or similar digital spaces. But what is the difference between augmented reality and virtual reality? Let’s define it. AR utilizes visual elements and graphic characters to transform the real world. AR-based apps allow users to see their surroundings through attractive digital visuals, similar to what we enjoy in games like AR Dragon and Pokemon GO. Anyone with a digital device and a smart camera can access AR applications.

VR is very different from AR and is similar to the Metaverse concept. This creates a digital world full of computers that users can explore using VR headphones, gloves and digital sensors. The initial capabilities of VR and AR represent early models of Metaverse. These technologies have matured over time and should redefine our digital experience from time to time. Additionally, AR and VR have gathered a lot of hype, encouraging big tech giants to invest in VR and AR device development for future Metaverse projects.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things, as a system, builds a bridge between our physical world and the Internet, sending or receiving data through sensors. For Metaverse, IoT collects data from the physical world and renders it into virtual space, improving the accuracy of digital representations. This means that IoT data sources can determine the functionality of objects within the metaverse based on changing environments and other instances. IoT technology seamlessly connects 3D virtual worlds with various real-world devices and enables the reproduction of real-world processes in a digital interoperable infrastructure. To further upgrade the Metaverse ecosystem, IoT can utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to effectively manage its accumulated data.

What potential challenges exist in Metaverse?

Metaverse is arguably the greatest innovation in the world of virtual reality, and it will change the way we think about internet and social media interactions. But Metaverse is still in the initial stages of development. Like every emerging technology, Metaverse faces some potential challenges. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the limitations. Contrary to what we experience in the real world, identifying people in the metaverse is quite challenging. Users must be authenticated by their voice, facial expressions, and avatar characteristics. Scammers or bots trying to damage someone’s reputation can pretend to be someone’s avatar and achieve their ultimate goal.

Another important challenge is privacy. Metaverse’s reliance on virtual reality and augmented reality devices could lead to personal data breaches, as they are equipped with camera capabilities and unique identifiers. Note that these challenges are certain and not present in every Metaverse project. With full Metaverse development knowledge and a professional team, they can easily design and launch their personalized virtual world without risking security.

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