What to Consider with an Automated External Defibrillator to Buy Online?

An automatic external defibrillator (AED) is a light and compact electronic device designed to save the lives of people experiencing sudden cardiac arrest. The waste of every second is extravagant and terrible for the patient as he is held in his hand by death every second from the beginning of his cardiac arrest. In this case, intact AED equipment plays a crucial role in guiding every inexperienced passer-by to complete all the steps in 60 seconds, in which no worry and panic are generated [1]

Effectively improving the survival rate, an AED equipment is considered a critical tool to restore normal heart rhythms of patients who suffered from SCA (Sudden Cardiac Arrests), a leading cause of death in the U.S., by delivering an electric shock in those seconds of golden rescue time. AED equipment is not limited to the hospital now but to public places with people increasing awareness of it. Therefore, when you are considering buying AEDs, a life-saving medical device for your schools, or your commercial places such as fitness centers, you have two ways to access:  an automated external defibrillator to buy online and offline.

Automatic external defibrillator to buy offline is more accessible to relevant information and knowledge of AED rather than AED purchasing online because there are professionals standing by. However, there are still many bright sides in terms of convenience and category that to buy AED online can boast.  Well here comes a question to figure out what we should really care about buying a defibrillator online.

The rest of this post will focus on the above question. 

  • The AED brand

 Firstly, you should focus on the AED brand while purchasing an AED online. It is advisable to stick to market-recognized manufacturers, as automatic external defibrillators are not consumer electronics, but life-saving medical devices. This is to give you a level of confidence in their construction and quality, their after-sales support and warranty, and the continued supply of future goods. It is wise of you to choose the AED equipment produced by the manufacturer who obeys the regulations and guidelines formulated by the competent department; otherwise, you will be at high-security risks.

  • Ease of use

Considering the most significant factor when buying the best AED, which is also a factor that some buyers rarely consider, is the ease of use of the unit. While all AED models can defibrillate, there are differences, especially when it comes to their ease of use and operation. For example, a semi-automatic AED device has a button that needs to be pressed by rescuers to conduct an AED shock. A fully automatic AED device will analyze a patient’s heart rhythms and automatically conduct an AED shock at the right time. Both semi/fully automatic AED should be able to give very clear instructions and loud voice prompts to guide the user through the resuscitation process. A very ease of use device will greatly help the rescue workers through the whole frightening moment.

  • Consumables

Another essential factor to consider when buying defibrillators online is its accessories. The two main accessories used for AEDs are batteries and AED pads. The difference in quality between AED replacement pads and batteries can affect the whole performance of the AED device. Keep your eyes on the accessories, including batteries, AED pads, AED box, and (sometimes) AED wall mount bracket, and check whether they are attached and perfect when purchasing AEDs online because they all occupy an essential part of the whole rescue process. What is more, consumables with long shelf life are friendlier for both device owners and users. For example, Mindray’s AED can be equipped with consumables that have 5-year shelf life from the date of manufacturing

  • Ability to self-test 

Automatic AED equipment is not for frequent use every day, but to make sure whether the AED machine we want to buy has a self-test function or whether there are additional devices to detect the use of AEDs is a must that we have before purchase. Ensuring the AED equipment in good operation condition enables it to make the most of it when we really need it. For example, Mindray’s AED device integrates the AED-Alert TM system to provide a fast and effective way to remotely manage AEDs and reduce the management cost.

  • Voice prompt

Having a voice prompt is the primary function of an AED equipment. For inexperienced or flustered users, voice prompts can help them operate the machine correctly so as to guide them to save patients to the greatest extent. A more advanced AED device, such as the Mindray BeneHeart series, is that it will have pictures and animations to help guide patients.


Automatic AED price is acceptable for organizations as long as these life-saving devices are managed and purchased well. Even though you still have some things to do after the AED purchase. For example, every purchased AED has to be signed up, and it should always be a priority anyway. That is because if someone near you calls for help, the operator can immediately locate your AED and rescue the patient in time. In addition, you need ongoing maintenance of the AED equipment in accordance with quality guidelines to ensure that it works anytime when the device is needed.

Since AED equipment is so vital that we have to choose a reliable AED company. Mindray AED comes up with all given considerations and advantages being one of the reliable AED suppliers across the world. In addition to the tracking management system, faster shock and higher energy makes Mindray AED an option that you need to have.



[1] Saving Sudden Cardiac Arrest Victims in the Workplace. Available at:  (Accessed: 22 March 2021)

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