What to drink during pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most crucial time for the maternal body a lot of changes occur in the body which directly or indirectly affects the health of the fetus. Blood is the main medium for the exchange of necessary nutrients and gases between mother and fetus. 

Nutrients are absorbed by the fetus through maternal blood and the waste materials of the fetus are excreted via the same route. Proper hydration status of the mother’s body is necessary to maintain the health of the fetus and for the above-mentioned nutritional exchange and excretion purposes. A lot of us wonder, which milk is safe for mom during pregnancy.

During prehistoric times, when women would conceive she was given high energy food and was advised to keep a proper hydration status. As the high-energy food material needs a lot of water to digest and water is also essential to maintain a healthy serum level. It was not clear until now when a lot of scientific studies showed how it is beneficial to drink more water during pregnancy.

It is suggested by health experts to drink more water during pregnancy. But only water with no mineral additives is less beneficial because maternal body electrolytes are normally depleted or are consumed by the fetus, therefore it is suggested that a mother should drink mineral water excessively. Normally calcium is depleted more by the maternal body. Therefore calcium level should be well maintained during pregnancy. Everything should be maintained within safe limits as an excess of a certain mineral might cause depletion of the other essential mineral.

Water mixed with certain herbs is also beneficial for consumption during pregnancy. Some suggest water mixed with mint has metabolic advantages for the body. Also, it helps to regulate the metabolism of certain nutritional ingredients. Some researchers from Middle Eastern countries showed how it is beneficial for neutralizing harmful metals from the body.  Water now a day is mostly polluted with heavy metals. Therefore it is beneficial to drink water mixed with herbs that have some detoxification effects.

Orange juice which is rich in nutritional values is also a source of calcium. It affects the body in a way that increases the mobility of the gastrointestinal tract and helps fight pathogens that otherwise would affect the mother body and cause destruction.

Alcohol is most common now a day, although has some nutritional value in it but it costs the body of the mother and the health of the fetus severely. It is widely accepted that alcohol harms our body by destroying our liver and kidney. But what is less known about the side effects of alcohol, how it affects the health of the fetus? It causes encephalopathy of the fetus. A very dangerous congenital disease in which eyes are either absent in the fetus or one eye is absent. Therefore alcohol is strictly a “do not” during pregnancy.

Folic acid is very essential during pregnancy because it helps in the formation of tubular structures in the body of the fetus. Tubular structures include the gastrointestinal tract. Many food items are rich in folic acid. Food items like seaweed, beans, and peanuts are rich in folic acid. The addition of these ingredients in milk might sound weird to some but it has some very good health effects on the maternal body during pregnancy.

Coconut water is a source of energy because it has readily digestible carbohydrates in it. Therefore it is very beneficial to drink during pregnancy.

Iced tea and herbal tea is also a source of energy and could increase bodily functioning of the maternal body.

Oat or barley has some very beneficial effects during pregnancy. First of all, it helps in the production of energy which is very essential during pregnancy in addition these also help in maternal milk production. Therefore the addition of these items in milkshake might have some very beneficial effects.

Drinking decaf coffee during pregnancy although many have concerns could be destructive. But coffee has some nutritional values in it. Drinking coffee during pregnancy could be helpful in performing routine tasks. Best Instant Coffee has unique flavor and most popular drinkable in Indian coffee.

Skimmed milk is milk without fats. Fats are not very beneficial during pregnancy because they cause body configuration to alter in a way that is not helpful during parturition, therefore skimmed milk must be used during pregnancy.  It is also necessary that it must be pasteurized because the presence of some microbes might also cause a problem in pregnancy.

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