What type of costume jewelry is the most successful?

Thanks to their great variety and the diversity of materials used, costume jewelry has found its place in all jewelry boxes and among all professionals. Durability, brilliance, price, what makes the success of these costume jewellery?

Stainless steel jewelry

Steel is known for its strength. It is not for nothing that this alloy is widely used in Industry. And if it is very present in men’s jewelry with in particular rings, rigid bangles and chains with large links, it also knows how to play with finesse for more feminine jewelry. Steel is thus available to infinity: in necklaces and pendants, in bracelets and anklets, in rings and earrings. He also likes elegance and fantasy, and occasionally adorns himself with charms or sparkling crystals.

The advantages of steel are numerous. Made without lead or nickel, 316L steel jewelry is hypoallergenic and does not leave marks on the skin . They also require little maintenance. Indeed, stainless steel, as its name suggests, does not deteriorate or blacken like silver, for example. Another significant aspect: the price of a steel jewel is ultra affordable. It is therefore the metal of choice for small budgets! Steel jewellery: solidity +++ brilliance ++ price +

Brass costume jewelry

Brass has long been used in jewelry, watchmaking and decoration. This alloy, essentially composed of copper and zinc, is easy to work with, resistant and hypoallergenic . Very present in costume Wholesale Jewelry, it has a pretty golden hue. And above all, it remains much less expensive than gold.

Looking rougher than a precious metal, brass acquires a patina over time, and thus loses its shine, so that some jewelers choose to cover it. It is in particular the metal used in the manufacture of costume jewelery which is then gilded with fine gold or rhodium-plated silver. Brass also supports plating perfectly. The gold-plated brass jewelry is then perfectly illusion, which makes them popular with fans of golden jewelry.

Brass jewelry: strength ++ shine ++ price ++

Silver costume jewelry

925 silver is the precious metal of choice for fashion jewelry making. This fairly malleable metal allows all creations ! Silver is thus found in all styles of clothing: rock with big chains, bohemian with charms, finely chiseled ethnic, chic and delicate minimalist…

Beautiful on all skin colors, silver is suitable for everyone. Because yes, it is also present in men’s jewelry. Widely adopted by the youngest, because it is easy to wear and more affordable than gold, it is nevertheless worn at all ages, according to everyone’s tastes and habits, whether it is for bracelets, rings or ornaments. Easy to match, it can easily be combined with other jewelry. 

A silver bracelet will be accompanied by a bracelet of pearls and leather links. Sterling silver jewelry is recognizable by its hallmark , a guarantee of the quality of the metal. This beautiful shiny metal also finds its way into high fashion jewelry.

Often more massive, these luxurious creations are worked by hand and set with fine and colored, even precious stones.

Silver jewelry: strength ++ brilliance +++ price ++

Gold jewelry

Gold displays a warm and radiant color. In its pure state, this metal is soft, much too soft to be worked. It must be hardened, thanks to the addition of copper, in order to be used in jewelry. The 18 carat or 750 thousandths gold thus obtained is ultra resistant. Gold jewelry is therefore stronger and scratches less than silver jewelry . In addition, their beautiful sparkling color does not fade. Gold is therefore the ideal material for a jewel to wear every day, such as a wedding ring that shines every day on our ring finger, a religious jewel or a family jewel that we do not leave.

Previously reserved for luxury jewelry, the precious yellow metal is becoming more democratic. It is worked by costume jewelry designers. And can even confer a bling-bling side as evidenced by the many gold chains hanging from the necks of rappers! In addition, with white gold and rose gold, people who did not wear gold because they did not like the color can now afford beautiful jewelry in the shade of their choice . And if mixing metal colors can sometimes be considered a fashion faux pas , some jewelry happily mixes these three shades.

The gold jewel can be worn alone, as a matching adornment or in accumulation. The trend of the moment, jewelry layering , suits her perfectly. So head to the jewelry box (or the jewelry store) to find gold chains and necklaces of all sizes to match and wear in a row!

Gold jewellery: solidity +++ brilliance +++ price +++

Natural stone jewelry

Metal isn’t the only star of costume jewelry. Natural stones also play the stars and become encrusted here and there on a pendant, a ring or a cuff . They can also be worn as a bracelet or a pearl necklace. These jewels add a touch of color to our looks, they set the tone or display the mood of the day.

Natural stones are also known for their benefits. They act on the emotions or the health of those who wear them. Lithotherapy also uses their multiple energetic virtues on sleep, concentration and against minor everyday ailments. We may want to take advantage of the powers of semi-precious stones, fine stones or organic stones. 

Or simply fall for their pretty colors, there is something for everyone: agate, turquoise, amazonite, moonstone, amber, chalcedony, aventurine, garnet, amethyst, onyx… These jewels are popular with hippies who collect bracelets of colored beads on their wrists. As for the solidity, the brilliance and the price of these jewels, they depend on the stone used. Precious stones, which are rarer, will be more expensive than fine stones.

If you want to sell quality jewelry, be sure to consider these tips before sourcing from a jewelry wholesaler.

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