What you need to know about the oil press machine

With the increase in consumption of processed goods today, health problems have risen abruptly along with the emergence of new diseases. It is for this reason that companies and individualsare looking for ways of ensuring the productionof chemical-free goods. In this article, we will look at the oil press machine as one of the remedies for better health.

An oil press machine is an expeller used for the production of oil from a variety of seeds. It works through the application of pressure to nuts in a cage and cylinder using a network of levers and a piston. The machine is operated using a handle to press the nuts. The process of oil pressing is

Factors to consider before choosing an oil press machine


The type of oil press machine you choose is determined by the type of seeds you are using. Different seeds require different materials for their production. You, therefore, need to decide on the type of seeds you want to use and then choose a machine that suits the same. This is because oneoil press machinecannot deal with all types of seeds.


Capacity is an important consideration in choosing an oil press machine. If one is intending to produce an average amount of oil or oil for domestic purposes then a screw press machine isrecommended. However, if one requires mass production of oil, then an integrated press machine is a better choice.


This is a key factor in choosing an oil press machine. Before paying for one, make sure the quality is high. You can choose to look at the general appearance of the machine, going over to painting to ensure that it is smooth. The spare parts must also be complete for maintenance purposes.


Oil press machine price in Kenya is also a key factor to consider. If you are opening a new oil production business, then a cheaper oil press machine is recommended for testing and acquiring experience. However, as production increases, you can opt for a better and more expensive machine to enhance quality.


Oil press machines are of different types. Some operate electronically while others operate manually. This defines why speed ranges in different press machines. As everyone may desire, choosing a highly operating machine is important especially if you are dealing with mass oil production.

As much as there are disadvantages to operating machines faster, this is a great idea. However, if you want to extract all oil from every bit of your seeds, a slower machine is preferred.


Using an oil press machine for the production of oil is one of the recognized ways of maintaining good health. This factor is so because processed oil is always mixed with chemicals for preservation purposes and the machines used are mostly run at high speed which may be disadvantageous to human health. This knowledge is, therefore, essential for anyone looking forward to maintaining good health and avoiding diseases.

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