When is the right time to remove a tree?

Removing a tree can get emotional. Because trees live for long, they can have a lifespan of 50 to hundreds of years, and they soon become a part of human life. Though trees have numerous benefits, they may sometimes pose a threat to you, so it is important to find out if they are. Eventually, all trees become dangerous as they age, and you need to be more cautious about those around or near your home. If a tree appears concerning to you, it is better to get it removed by choosing a tree removal service.

Know the health of the tree

The health of the tree plays a major role in finding out if the tree needs to be removed or not. Some signs indicate poor health of the tree, such as suppressed growth, the strange shape of the leaves, etc.; if more than half of the tree is discolored, damaged, or looks completely different, the tree should be removed. To get a complete verdict on it, it is recommended to appoint a certified arborist for inspection.

The health of the trunk

Along with the overall health, the trunk’s health is also important. It shares details about the health of the tree. A good example is if you notice cracks or cavities and open wounds on the trunk. Are there dead branches attached to the trunk? These are signs that the tree can topple over anytime, and anyone close stands in danger.

If the tree is hollow, it is a sign that it should be removed. The hollow trunk means the tree’s structural integrity is compromised, and it can fall over.

The health of the root

Is the root damaged? When checking the health of a tree, look at the base too. The tree doesn’t have proper support if the roots are rotting or injured. Also, check the area between the tree and the ground. If you notice a lean in the tree, the root is not firmly holding the ground. If you notice this, get the tree removal done as soon as possible.

Do you notice small branches coming from the base of the tree?

It may appear nice, but it is surely a sign that the tree is in poor health. The sprouts are a sign of stress. It can be injury from construction, excavation, soil compaction, or excessive sunlight.

It doesn’t mean you have to remove the tree, but it is essential to call an arborist to inspect it. If the trunk has branches, look out for rot and fungus. If you notice fungus on a tree, the tree is severely rotted.

Dead branches

If you notice too many dead branches around the tree top, they pose a threat to you and your neighbor. Make sure you get this inspected as soon as possible.

Deciding on tree removal is not simple. Take proper care and if everything fails, consult a professional. They will give you the best guidance for tree removal and the suitable process.

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