Where to Find Chinese translated English Novel Websites?

The miraculous rise of China on the world scene has made a lot of people attracted to it. The attraction leads to the curiosity of knowing about the glorious culture of China, which was once a prosperous civilization under the dynastic rule. The pursuit to learn about the various aspects of the Chinese culture such as the Chinese language, Chinese New Year customs, Chinese Dragons, Emperor Qin Shihuang’s silent terra-cotta army, and other aspects of the Chinese culture has aroused people’s interest in the Chinese novels. Chinese translated novels have solved the problem of the language barrier. Chinese novels in English have a worldwide readership, and several websites are providing Chinese translated novels, and we are here to help you find few good websites for finding Chinese translated novels:

1. Panda Novel      

Panda novel is one of the leading websites that provides translated novels in English from many languages including Korean, Japanese and Chinese. You can find all kinds of Chinese translated novels such as actions, juvenile, adult, and romance, etc.  Therefore, if you are in search of a website that can grant you access to the best Chinese translated novels, then Panda Novel can be that website, where you can find the Chinese novel of your choice translated into English. The liberty of options that this website provides is that it also has audiobooks, which can be of great help.

2. Read Light Novel 

Another recommended website for Chinese translated novels is the Read Light Novel. You can find the translation of novels from various languages on this website. The website contains a pop-up giving information regarding the latest updates. Besides, you can search in the search bar the novel of your choice. The website is best for Chinese translated novels because it has all the Chinese novels, the translation of which is available. 

3. Gravity Tales

Gravity Tales is yet another website that we recommend you to find Chinese translated novels. Gravity Tales provides additional links that can potentially help in choosing websites according to your choice. You can find the English translation of Chinese novels on this website easily. The option of video streaming is also available on the website, which is yet another helpful tool that this website provides for readers.

4. Novel Updates 

Our list of the recommended websites for Chinese translated novels includes the website Novel Updates as well, which provides specific beneficial options for the readers. Readers can utilize beneficial tools such as reading lists, series filtering, and release filtering, which are tools that make the search for your desired novel easy and convenient. Besides, the synopsis of the whole novel is also given, which can ease the reading of the novel as the readers get an overview of the novel. Moreover, the synopsis of each chapter is also provided. Besides these beneficial and readers-friendly tools, the list of the translator group is also provided. Hence, Novel Update is a comprehensive and useful website to search for the English translation of Chinese novels. 

5. Fanmily

There are specific distinguishing tools that make Fanmily a unique and suitable website for the Chinese translated novels in particular and other novels in general. The website includes useful tools such as popular categories, the latest release, and editor’s choice. These tools help readers to find the best Chinese novel with English translation. Besides, there is a synopsis given for each novel, which makes reading joyful for the readers. Hence, Family is a useful website for Chinese translated novels.   

Modern Chinese novels such as Water Margin, Journey to the West, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and Dream of the Red Chamber are exceptional novels and also highlight various aspects of Chinese culture, therefore, they are worth reading. And you do not need to worry about finding these novels as the above-recommended websites contain unlimited Chinese novels. You can find Chinese translated novels on these websites. All you have to do is to click on the link, which will lead you to the website, where you can search and easily find Chinese novels that you are looking for. So, click on the links above and enjoy reading unlimited Chinese translated novels. 

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