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Who Are The Spotify Target Audience?

To several customers, Spotify is the music streaming service in the world. A user’s access to one of the most extensive music collections in history, along with podcasts and other audio content, requires only a simple registration. A freemium business model used. Free Spotify usage comes with less-than-stellar audio quality, pop-up ads, and a network connection. A Spotify Premium subscription allows users to download

Who is Spotify’s intended market?

The Spotify target market spans the globe, with majority consumers in Europe. Young adults Millennials and Gen Z are the typical Spotify users, but older adults 55 and over are also big fans of the app’s music. The average Spotify user is devoted, spending about 118 minutes a day listening to the service, and the audience leans more females than males (56% to 44% male). These and other data elements can understand even better by a detailed review of Spotify user statistics. Spotifystorm is a website tracks for offline listening and to streamline high-quality recordings without interruption.

Segmenting the target market for Spotify

Consider the Spotify demographics, regional, behavioural, and psychographic segmentation data if you are marketing to people are similar to the Spotify audience. Your ability to target your audience more precisely will improve as a result. Let’s examine each of these Spotify customer segments separately.

Spotify’s demographic division

Although the brand is well-liked by people of all ages, it is more effective with younger consumers. 29% of Spotify users belong to the millennial generation, and 26% of them are younger than 24. Spotify was the most widely used online music service in the US for people ages 12 to 34 in 2020. Those over 55 who use Spotify make up 19% of the user base.

Those under 35 make up 71% of those utilising Spotify’s freemium membership, which is quite popular with younger users.


A student is a person who likes a deal the most. With this in mind, Spotify, like many other platforms, gave students who could show proof of their current enrolment in a university a 50% discount on its premium services. In 2017 Spotify’s most youthful base music streaming service for customers under the age of 34. They even have a live real-time stream called “Hear what Millennials are Listening to” to show how committed they are to understanding them completely.

Mental health segmentation on Spotify

The popularity of Spotify among Millennials is consistent with the attitude of this age toward media consumption in general: 60% believe that audio is the most immersive form of media. Younger listeners between ages 14 and 35 find great appeal in Spotify’s extensive audio collection of 70 million song titles and approximately 3 million podcasts. This genre tends to stray from popular music and favours independent and alternative genres.

Additionally, consumers over age 42 often turn back to popular pop music. According to each user’s evolving preferences and in-app behavioural data, Spotify employs data-based personalisation to suggest music and audio content. It helps you choose your target market because it is more interest-based. The playlists are for cooking, gaming, holidays, travel, and exercise.

It combines with genre and age targeting will assist you in narrowing down your target audience.

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