Why Assessing Car Servicing Cost is Important

Many people look upon car servicing as an event for money outgo. So, many of them defer car servicing to avoid spending money.

If you are one of them, you should change your perspective. It is a wrong practice, so you should avoid it.

You should know why periodic servicing is essential for your car. Servicing keeps your car in good condition. Moreover, it helps detect flaws in your car early to allow the mechanic to fix them before they aggravate to manifest in major defects. And, in that case, you will have to spend more money to fix such damages that can also compromise the safety of your car.

Although you should carry out periodic servicing of your car, you should also try to minimize the car servicing costs. Meaning you should choose a car servicing station with reasonable charges. And for that, you should compare car service costs to determine the best prices to service your car.

What is the Average Car Servicing Costs in Australia?

In Australia, you can expect an average car servicing cost of around $245 for a minor service and $386 for logbook service.

The cost of a car service depends on different factors, such as the make and model of the car, mechanic and type of service. In addition, the location can also impact the price you need to pay.

Therefore, it becomes challenging to predict the exact servicing cost with many operating factors.

But, there is a piece of good news. Several car manufacturers have introduced capped price servicing that involves fixing the cost of standard servicing at an upper limit for some time. As such, you can know the car servicing cost beforehand.

You need to meet certain conditions, such as getting the car serviced by an approved mechanic to avail of the capped price servicing scheme.

Should You Go to a Dealership or a Private Mechanic?

It is worth debating the advantages of servicing your car through a private mechanic or dealership.

There are advantages to both options. But, you need to be aware of the tricks of dealerships to make you service your car through them. For example, a car salesperson can tell you that servicing your car outside the manufacturer’s dealer network will make your warranty void. If you encounter such a situation, you should not go by his recommendation as it is not correct.

Servicing your car through a private mechanic has its merits. For example, the cost of servicing can be lower, and you can monitor the servicing.

But, there are also disadvantages to servicing your car with a private mechanic. Most manufacturers subsidize their capped-price servicing plans during the first year of your purchase.

Therefore, your car servicing can become as cheap as that with a private mechanic.

In addition, private mechanics cannot carry out the warranty work if your car is under warranty. Therefore, if you engage a private mechanic to fix an issue with your car during the warranty period, you need to pay for it.

Therefore, it is sensible to take your car to the dealership if it develops any issues during the warranty period because the manufacturer will pay for both the parts and the labor. Therefore, you have to take your car to a dealership if your mechanic identifies an issue.

Whether you service your car through a private mechanic or dealership, you should do a car servicing comparison.


You should not undermine the need for servicing your car. If you do so, your car might develop a major defect to entail significant expenditures in the future. But, assess the servicing costs judiciously.

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