Why Choosing Perfume Bottle Manufacturers instead of Self-production

Consumer demand is stimulating the increase of production while all walks of life are developing their OEM and ODM market segments. OEM refers to that some brands entrust the original equipment manufacturers to produce but retains the intellectual property rights of the products. ODM refers to the original design manufacturers design and produces products on their own, which the brands can purchase through the contract. The intellectual property of the product manufactured by ODM depends on whether the brand has bought out. If the brand only buys the product without intellectual property rights, then original design manufacturers can continue to sell their products to other brands.

The emergence of perfume bottle OEM and ODM allows perfume brands to quickly achieve the goal of expanding production and increasing sales without expanding factory area, increasing staff and R & D costs. Therefore, the benefits of perfume bottle OEM and ODM to perfume brands are so obvious that they can make up for the defects of self-production. More and more perfume brands begin to choose OEM or ODM service instead of self-production. 

As perfume is a fast-moving consumer good, the production of perfume must keep pace with the speed of sales. Perfume packaging and perfume are complementary to each other; that is, perfume and perfume packaging are integrated. The growth of perfume sales is bound to lead to the growth of perfume packaging sales, including glass bottles, perfume lids, spray pumps and packing boxes. Therefore, for a perfume brand, if specializing in research and development of both perfume and perfume packaging by itself, it will cost too much on labor, time, and R & D. Moreover, there is a need to master the manufacturing process of perfume packaging in addition to the R&D of perfume. It is obvious that choosing perfume bottle OEM is a fast way to reduce cost and ensure sales volume and quality. Generally speaking, focusing on one, then you could achieve more.

In order to win more market share in the fierce market competition, perfume bottle manufacturers tend to spend more time and R&D cost in the manufacturing process of perfume bottles. That is to say, perfume bottle manufacturers are committed to innovative products by increasing the length of the product line to introduce new products or deepen the depth of the product line to increase the varieties of the existing perfume bottles, which increase the competitiveness of their enterprises no matter in which ways. In addition, the perfume bottle suppliers in the market usually accept customized services to meet the needs of different brands.

Some well-known perfume bottle manufacturers contact customers at home and abroad. If you want to open up foreign markets, there is an absolute advantage of perfume bottle manufacturers in this regard. Because they have the experience of serving foreign customers, they know what your foreign target customers care about in this industry, and they can well reflect those with constructive improvements on your glass perfume bottles.

There is a general effect of scale economy in modern production; that is, the unit cost shows a downward trend followed by the expansion of output scale. This may come from the deepening of specialization and the allocation of fixed costs. If perfume brands choose perfume bottle OEM, it means that the expansion of output scale not only increases the sales of perfume but also reduces the production cost. That’s why most of famous brands, such as Channel, LV, L’Oreal, keep long-term cooperation with their OEM manufacturers in China.

The enterprise that provides perfume bottle OEM often plays an important role in the product supply chain. The perfume bottle supplier can organize production according to the buyer’s requirements in the management of product quality control, production control, and operation efficiency control. This allows perfume brands more time to focus on perfume research and marketing and less time on perfume packaging production and management, but achieve the same result as self-production.

After understanding the pros and cons of self-production and choosing perfume bottle manufacturers, you may be eager to know some outstanding perfume packaging supplier. In fact, there are many optional manufacturers in the perfume packaging market, and Abely stands out among them with its one-stop service and well-recognized quality. Abely is a perfume bottle manufacturer with years of experience in perfume packaging production and R&D. Their in-house designer team has been helping lots of international high-end brands developed new perfume packaging projects well and get popular in the market. If you are looking for perfume bottle manufacturers, contact Abely that can help you develop overseas markets smoothly with their professional one-stop perfume packaging service.

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