Why Do Dogs Get Jealous?

Jealousy in humans is inevitable. It’s common for humans to feel jealous If someone they love or are attached to is spending more time or giving attention to others. Similarly, dogs go through the same feeling. When a bond develops between you and your canine, they become possessive about you. They don’t like sharing you with others. If your dog is jealous and nothing works with him, your pet might have behavioral issues. Visit a nearby veterinarian with your canine and examine it for beneficial solutions.

Sudden vet visits can be financially overwhelming, so you must consider being prepared with Dog Health Insurance as early as possible. Search for Veterinary Insurance to find pet insurers in town.

Are Dogs Jealous Of Other Canines

You canines tend to get jealous if you interact with other pups in front of them or come home playing around one. The feeling of jealousy in your canine comes from their loyalty and love towards you. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your dog is aggressive and dominant; instead, they feel a sense of betrayal.

If your dog is insecure about you interacting or meeting other pups, praising and rewarding them immediately when they behave nicely around other canines is a good catch. It can be as simple as your dog lying on the bed and not reacting as you give your attention to others. Treating them will encourage them to coexist.

Are Dogs Insecure of New Pups?

If you are planning to get a new pup while having an existing puppy in the same house might be challenging. Exposing your new dog to the environment and the surrounding may be a great move, allowing them to sniff around before meeting their other dog friends. A study has revealed that many dogs are jealous of their human friend playing or interacting with a stuffed pup. It is crucial to make this change an effortless experience for your dog. Keep your routine as it is while getting a puppy home. Build a healthy relationship with your puppy by giving them some hold and attentiveness.

Are Canines Jealous Of Humans?

It is observed that your dog will not get jealous of a stranger walking on the rod you stop by to talk, compared to you interacting or playing with a stranger’s dog. But, if someone new is constantly coming into the dog’s vicinity, they might get jealous if they see their attention and affection being shared. The dog might get offensive, leading to problems.

Are Canines Jealous Of Babies?

If your canines are jealous of new pups, they might get jealous of a baby. This may be quite a task for you to adapt your dog to the baby. If your dog realizes that the new baby is getting all the care and attention, it might get affected. Always involve your dog when you are around the baby. By doing so, you are introducing your dog to a new family member and making them familiar. Slowly let your dog be near the baby, and let the pup smell the clothes and toys to get used to the baby. You can leave your dog and the baby together only once you are sure they have adjusted and are comfortable with each other. Once they are comfortable, your pup and baby can create an everlasting bond.

Look Out For Signs Your Canine Is Jealous

We cannot conclude that canines and humans experience jealousy similarly. But some dogs’ actions convey that they are uncomfortable and jealous when something is not according to them.


Jealousy leads to aggression. Aggression can be in any form, like, growling, lunging, biting and attacking sometimes. This behavioral change is sudden and when less expected and targets pets and humans.

Pushy Behavior

A canine wanting attention may do weird things, lie, squeeze in the middle, or jump onto your lap. This is an indication of jealousy. This can sometimes cause no harm and appear cute but it may get troublesome if the dog isn’t taught discipline and boundaries

Going to the Washroom Inside

If your dog, trained to pee in the washroom, is suddenly facing problems doing that, question whether there is something different in his surroundings. If you see any other form of jealousy, then some changes are necessary.

Before your puppy’s envy takes over its life, please take it to the vet for testing. Dog Health Insurance helps with diagnosis, treatment, and medications during non-routine vet visits and covered health conditions. If you still need to buy a policy, consider purchasing Veterinary Insurance.

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