Who will win? PC or Console, mobile or VR? While there are many differences in gaming preferences, platforms, and what we’re looking for in games, one thing makes us all connected, our love of gaming. And no matter if you like to smash fruits, dominate newbies or conquer the galaxy, you have to stay safe while playing.

Using a PROXY for gaming was not applicable for a long time for competitive online gaming due to server and bandwidth restrictions, but with new PROXY providers, it is now possible to have a PROXY active at all times while gaming and not experience any problems.

Proxy PROXY providers like 롤스타.cc PROXY site now have faster connections, as well as servers around the world that you can connect to as often as you would connecting to your internet service provider’s server.

With all the advantages, there are also some issues that need to be addressed and knowing about them beforehand eliminates the risk of your PROXY getting in the way of your game. With a little knowledge and a good provider, you can eliminate all the risks and play your favorite games as much as you want.

Network Security and Identity Protection

In the early days of the internet, privacy on the internet was rarely an issue. People only know you by your avatar or username, and no one can access any other data, even if they hack into your computer.

The current situation is completely different. Even if you’re very careful about providing information for the game, you’ll usually have an account, and you’ll often need to provide a credit card to pay for the game or buy things through microtransactions (without judgment).

This little crumb can be tracked by your IP address and will lead to your personal information (see My IP). In most cases, this can lead to the theft of your digital identity, especially if you have very active accounts in popular games. In some cases, your real identity can be stolen, which can cause a lot of trouble. If you fall victim to identity theft, gaming will be the least of your concerns.

Fortunately, consoles, PCs, and mobile devices have all become hard enough in hardware to run PROXYs, antivirus software, and games without lag. Also, some PROXY providers, including Le PROXY, have created PROXY routers that can keep all your home devices permanently safe.

Keep your connection stable and secure

When you play online, you want your connection to be secure and consistent. Coincidentally, most gaming platforms also expect your link to be stable and from the same IP address, and they don’t really care which one it is.

Sometimes you can just use a proxy server to access hidden or restricted content, but this doesn’t guarantee constant speeds, and connecting to the game from multiple IP addresses ends up being temporarily banned because the game may think you’ve been hacked.

That’s why it’s best to choose a premium PROXY and the best server on that PROXY, and stick with that server for all your gaming needs, including online shopping and messaging and chat.

Why do you need a premium PROXY?

In addition to all the security issues you have with a free PROXY (and these are serious ones), there are a number of issues when trying to play games with a free PROXY. If you’re serious about your game and have invested a lot of time and money in multiple games, it may be a more responsible choice to spend more to protect those investments. While using a free PROXY may work now, there are many long-term problems.

Man-in-the-middle attack

MITM is one of the most common attacks when using free PROXY services, because instead of hacking your device directly, a hacker can hack into the server you are using and make you willingly give him all the information. There are plenty of hackers and identity thieves other than strictly hackers who will set up a “free PROXY” and advertise it as the best, but use servers to spy on users and steal any useful information. .

Unreliable servers

Even with the best possible gaming PROXY, you will only have a handful of servers that will suit your needs. For strategy games or those that are less demanding like World Of Warcraft, you can go with a server located all over the world, but if you’re playing an FPS game this won’t be a problem, you’ll need a server that’s close by, and you know that the speed will be constant.

With a premium PROXY, you’ll always have service, and even if there’s a server attack severe enough to shut it down, you’ll be able to switch to another server in seconds. With the free PROXY, if the server is down, you’ll need to find a good book to read while you wait.

Latency and Ping

Servers don’t come cheap, and hosting a server for hundreds or even thousands of people can cost an arm and a leg. Free PROXY servers will generally allow more users than they can actually support, sacrificing internet speed in the process. This will slow down your connection and often make the game unplayable, especially if it is fast-paced or requires high internet speeds.

While your connection time is primarily affected by the distance between the server and your device, it can be affected by the responsiveness of the server, even if it’s within a meter of your PC. Free PROXYs generally have less processing power. Therefore, when they become popular, they usually start to do slower response times, resulting in higher ping.

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