Why using a Key Opinion Leader to grow your business is a good Idea: NetBase Quid

In the digital era, the Key Opinion Leader (KOL) is essential for your brand. Currently, most businesses have shifted from traditional advertising since it is ineffective over the past 30 years. Well, these businesses are using the Netbase Quid to grow their business.

What is a Key Opinion Leader, and How effective are they?

Key Opinion Leader is a profession in specific fields like medicine. They can be scientists, professors, artists, and political figures.KOL can also be someone who has a large following on digital platforms, like influencers and artists.

A Key Opinion Leader differs from an influencer

Not all KOLs are influencers; influencers usually start from an online platform, unlike a KOL, who may not have a social media presence. They build their name on tangible accomplishments in their fields. For instance, KOL can be a humanitarian leader without an online presence. A beauty influencer on Instagram creates an online following for the skills they showcase and then sells their product.

KOL can also be an organization with a good reputation. KOL is the new trend in advertising because they are trustworthy. They focus on a specific audience and have the power to draw people’s attention, thus raising brand awareness. For instance, a beauty product recommended by a beauty influencer increases the probability of consumers buying the product.

Contribution of Netbase Quid to your business goal

Netbase Quid is a leading firm offering solutions to brands when marketing their products. It ensures consumers access customer reviews as well as social media posts. This information helps brands to use Key Opinion Leader in a better way. Proper usage of KOL enables brands to reach the right consumers by assembling their customers in one platform.

Beauty brands have ready customers for their beauty products by utilizing a beauty influencer platform. A beauty influencer has to sign a contract with the beauty brand to enable the influencer to post their product on a media platform. The only thing the brand has to do is wait for consumer’s orders. Netbase Quid is the right firm to help your lagging business grow.

How to run KOLs campaign effectively

A long-term campaign is a better choice than a short campaign because it’s pretty easy to collect data for a longer time. This enables brands to pick an influencer and a platform that fits their market audience. Although it is advisable to choose an influencer or artist with many followers, it is also not wise to choose an influencer who does not fit your audience.

In a fitness campaign, choosing a fitness influencer with 3 million followers is better than a celebrity with 20 million followers because people follow whoever influences them in a specific thing. The fitness influencer understands more about fitness, and the followers may be genuine people interested in fitness, hence the right market audience. Since live-streaming has become common, KOLs can use it to interact with their audience during the campaign.

Platforms are also key when doing campaigns. It is a strategic and fast tool that allows companies to find the best match for their brand. Most brands prefer to use a platform like Kolsquare that helps in decision-making. Using–multi-channel campaign is effective, and the outcome may produce excellent results. Marketing agencies also help during the campaign by selling services. Some agencies have specialized in marketing, which is beneficial to brands, especially during campaigns.


Having a key opinion leader helps your business grow faster because they can reach your target audience quickly.

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