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Winter Skin Care for Men and Women

Treating dry skin is a challenge for persons daily especially if you are suffering from dry skin. Winter is harsh on persons who naturally have dry skin; it makes the skin irritable and itchy. In some cases, the skin becomes blistered and raw leading to more discomfort. Moisturizing is the key to protecting your skin along with keeping your body warm. Some tips can help in keeping your skin intact. The advice of washing skin with warm water won’t help since warm water dries out moisture from your skin by stripping it of its natural moisture. Making changes every day to your routine is a contributor to healthy skin in winter. Taking a bath with tepid water and patting skin dry can help if heavy skin moisturizer is used. This will lock in moisture keeping your skin smooth and oily all day. Keep in mind that minimal exposure to the cold weather will further help your skin. Some simple tips for taking care of your skin in winter and feeling your best is advised below.

Tips for Healthy Winter Skin

Considering winter, a smart investment would be to purchase a humidifier to maximize moisture inside. This purchase will be ideal for the room you will be spending most of the time in, including your sleeping area. At the same time, lower the house temperature so moisture can be at a tolerable level, avoid dryness. Setting the house temperature at a lower level will help as well. Another great idea will be to limit the amount of time you spend showering and washing your hands with hot water. Although it is tempting, avoid the use of hot showers and hot handwashing. For some persons, their physician may prescribe medication for their dry skin. PricePro Pharmacy is an online drugstore that carries most medicated skin products. The prices are affordable and, they deliver directly to your door. 

Opting for a gentler liquid soap or bath wash is a great choice. Using milder fragrance is advised as well. The wrong cleanser can surely add misery to an already delicate situation. Because regular cleanse may have very harsh ingredients. Use fragrance-free cleansers, consider your skin as tender as a baby, and purchase scent-free doithuong.

Tips on Facial and other Beauty Regime

Shaving your body hair is best to be done in the shower while your skin is lathered and, immediately after coming out of the bath, moisturize. Women who tend to exfoliate in the winter experience dry skin more since they are leaving their skin exposed to the harshness of winter. Clean facial with a gentle cleanser and allow the skin to retain its natural oils. A smart tip trick is to use petroleum jelly all over your face, and dry parts at bedtime. Use a pair of sock to lock in the moisture. Lastly, you are what you eat; both, men and women drink less water than they should daily, keep tabs on your water consumption, top-up on fruits and vegetables. Ensure you are getting the best supplements by visiting the PricePro Pharmacy for all your supplementary and prescription drugs. 

Lastly, when going outdoors, protect your skin by adding sunscreen on bright winter days, protect your skin from the 80% sun rays outside.

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