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Workplace Email Guideline Suggestions

Each business needs to make up its own rules and regulations when it comes to working emails. No matter what a business owner decides to do, he or she should make sure all the guidelines are written down and handed out to each employee who has a work email account. From there, employees can read the rules and have no excuses for not knowing the workplace email policies.

Have Consistent Email Addresses

While not everyone in a business needs an email address, the employees that do have an email address should have an address that have the same ending and a consistent pattern for the beginning part of the email address. For example, if someone works for a fictional business called Harmony’s Journals, the emails could all end with Businesses can also go through several already popular email endings, like @gmail and @yahoo. No matter which way a business owner plans to use, he or she will need to set up the email accounts on the website ahead of time.

As for patterning the beginning of the email address, employers have a few options to pick from. Commonly, using the employee’s name is the best thing to do. For example, if the employee’s name is John Smith, the email could start with Johnsmith, JSmith, John.Smith, JohnS, etc. The pattern would be repeated with the next employee, Jane Doe, in the same way: Janedoe, Jdoe, Jane.Doe, JaneS, etc. If more than one employee has the same name or initial, adding numbers to the end of their name can help differentiate the addresses.

Another option is to use an employee’s title for the beginning of his or her email address. This works best if a business has a high employee turn-around rate or if several people need access to the same email address. Examples of this can include CommunicationsCoordinator, Manager, Accountant, etc.

Use Emails for Work Purposes Only

Employers should encourage employees to only use their emails for work-related purposes. While there is nothing “wrong” about using a work email for other uses, only using the email for work helps to keep the inbox cleaner. This also makes it easier for employees to share a team email. This also assures that no one accidentally accesses another employee’s emails.

Save Old Emails

Not every email needs to be saved. Some emails that need to be saved do not need to be saved forever. Knowing which emails are worth saving and how long they should be saved for should be outlined in a business’s email retention policy. The easiest way for business owners to create an email retention policy is to ask, “Will the information in this message be useful or important in the future?” If the answer is NO, then the email can probably be deleted without much other thought. If the answer is YES, then the email should be saved. Employers can then devise a policy or timeline that decides how long the emails need to be saved.

Keep Passwords Secure

No matter what an employer decides to do in regards to setting up employee email accounts, she or she needs to make sure that employees pick strong passwords to keep their email addresses safe from hackers. Business emails often have more valuable information in their inbox than a personal email account will. That makes them extra attractive to hackers.

Once an employee sets the perfect password, he or she needs to keep it safe. Encourage employees to use a password that they have not used on any other online accounts. Employees should also try to memorize their passwords, rather than writing them down or storing them electronically. This lowers the risk of the email getting hacked.

Emails are necessary to conduct business nowadays, so it is important to make sure the email addresses are easy for customers to remember or find and are as secure as possible. Following these guidelines can help all businesses of all sizes keep their information private and secure.

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