You should know about Russian Blue kittens

The Russian Blue Cat is a beautiful pet for any household. While they require a great deal of attention, they can enrich a person’s life in several ways. Russian blue cats can live anywhere from fifteen to twenty years and are generally healthy. A good breeder will check kittens and adults for common health issues. Although they are an attractive breed, Russian blues can be a bit shy and may hide when there is a large crowd.

The Russian Blue Cat’s double coat is thick and dense and does not shed very much. It also produces a lower glycoprotein Fel-d-1 than other breeds, so its hairs do not slough off easily. If you’re looking for Russian Blue kittens for sale, you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find information on breeders, life span, and toys. It also helps to know the price. These gorgeous felines are a good investment and can provide many joys.


There are several things to consider before buying a Russian Blue kitten. The initial investment will be about $200 to $300. Then, there are veterinary bills and food costs. These costs vary by region, but you can usually find basic cat supplies such as cat litter and food at reasonable prices. Then, you’ll need to spend a few extra dollars on cat toys and grooming supplies.

It’s important to research breeders and prices before making a final decision. Make sure you’re buying from a reputable breeder. This way, you’ll know the cat is healthy and comes from purebred Russian Blues. Also, ask the breeder to show proof of its pedigree to ensure it’s an authentic Russian Blue. It’s important to remember that you can always adopt a Russian Blue kitten if it’s too expensive.


Russian Blue kittens tend to have long lives, but they are not immune to illnesses. Some common diseases they can contract are eye problems and infections. They are more susceptible to conjunctivitis, entropion, and retinal problems than other breeds. However, some common ailments can be treated with long-term medications.

A Russian blue’s lifespan is usually between 10 and 15 years, but it can go as long as 20 years. It can be challenging to judge a Russian blue kitten’s age because it tends to look very young. But knowing its age can help you manage its health and behaviour. If you’re thinking about getting a Russian blue kitten, here are some tips:


You can buy Russian blue kitten toys for sale to play with and provide mental stimulation for your cat. A scratching post is another must-have item for any cat’s playtime. A scratching post is made of wood covered with rough material, and cats love to scratch themselves. Fortunately, scratching posts are cheap and available for purchase.

Rae is a housecat, just like many Russian Blue cats. She likes to be around her people and enjoys naps in the sun. She also enjoys dinner time. Rae comes with a story, too, which makes her even more appealing. Rae is made from premium polyester fabrics and has a white polypropylene plush filling. She even has an ultra-light rigid foam head.


If you’re thinking about buying a Russian Blue kitten, you’ll need to learn more about cat care. Russian Blues are known to be reserved around strangers but can be affectionate and playful around their family. While Russian Blues don’t need a lot of grooming, it’s essential to learn how to do it properly. It’s also important to remember that kittens are susceptible to diseases and parasites, so you’ll need to schedule regular vet visits to ensure they’re healthy and happy. You can purchase a veterinary policy to help cover the costs of routine shots and treatments.

The cost of buying a Russian Blue kitten depends on several factors, including the reputation of the breeder, its registration, and its pedigree. Kittens with excellent pedigrees can cost upwards of $1,200. While these cats aren’t scarce, they are in high demand. The high price tag is due in part to their popularity. The price range varies from breeder to breeder, but a reputable breeder will likely charge a higher price.


A Russian blue kitten is an excellent choice for a pet cat. These cats are beautiful and elegant and make wonderful pets. The price of a Russian Blue kitten can vary considerably but is usually in the region of PS900-PS1700. This cost is determined by the breeder and the level of pedigree. A good breeder will charge a higher price for a purebred Russian Blue.

The cost of initial veterinary visits for Russian blue kittens for sale with microchips can range from $100 to $250, and these visits will help to protect the new feline from diseases and parasites. The cost of heartworm and flea medication can also range from $30 to $100.

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