2021 Latest Telugu Romantic Songs on YouTube – Do You Like to Listen to Romantic Songs?

Do you find romantic songs to watch? If your answer is affirmative, I will inform you of the most viewed Telugu romantic songs to download the romantic songs and get more entrainment. I think, by watching these romantic songs, your mind will impress. So I request you to download the most viewed Telugu songs, which include this article. To know about these critical issues, you can read this paragraph very carefully.

Adire Hrudayam

Adire Hrudayam song is one of the most famous romantic songs in Telugu music which the viewed more than 42 million. This romantic song became more famous for its festive scene. This song sang by the playback singer named Karthik. Karthik is the best playback singer in Telugu music who gained national awards and became more famous for his outstanding vocalists.

I think you should download this romantic song to get more entertaining and you can visit naa songs this site to download more Telugu songs.


The Vachinde is one of the most famous songs in Telugu culture and the most famous for a romantic scene. This song is so romantic to the audience for its incredible scenery. All over the world, people are looking for a romantic song on YouTube and other websites. But, interestingly, Vachinde is one of the most romantic songs for the audience. This romantic song took from the Fidaa movie, which the most viewed song in Telugu music.

Besides, this song viewed more than 29 million, which the most-watched romantic song. You can download this song because of this song covert with the romantic scene.


Manasunipatti’s song took from the most-watched Telugu romantic movie which name RX 100. This song watched more than 13 million. This song became a more popular song globally and became more famous in Telugu culture. This romantic song sang by the Telugu super talented singer name Haricharan & Uma Neha.

Haricharan & Uma Neha is one of the most famous singers in the Telugu people and gained national awards many times. Manasunipatti’s song was lyricist by the legend man Srimani. I suggest you download this song for its outstanding variety.

Pillar Raa

Pillar Raa song is the most beautiful and impressive to the audience. This song became more popular than other songs in Telugu music due to supplying the most romantic scene. Pillar Raa song watched 250 million, which the top watched video song in Telugu music. This romantic song sang by the super talented singer name Anurag Kulkarni.

Besides, this song was lyricist by the most famous man Chaitanya Prasad. I notify you should download this song because this song was covert with the full romance screen for which Pillaa Raa’s song became more popular sings in the Telugu music and gained the most-watched.

Final words

As per a report, we are trying to give you the most important and most-watched Telugu songs to download the most romantic songs. Nowadays, Telugu songs are becoming more popular songs day by day. Bedsides, Telugu songs are becoming more popular abroad. Getting more entertainment, I think you should download Telugu songs.

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