8 reasons why you should regularly service your car

Servicing your car is probably low on your to-do list. And with the cost of living on the rise, it’s probably dropping even lower. But whatever your reason for postponing, there are more powerful arguments to say that you should service your car as regularly as possible. In fact, it’ll save you money in the long run.

Here are eight reasons why you should face the music and treat your car to regular service.

1. Regular servicing equals more road safety

Most of the time, our cars have ways of letting us know that something’s not right. Whether that’s an emergency warning light that pops up on your infotainment screen, or an obvious clunking sound when you turn on the engine, cars are intelligent things these days.

But sometimes these problems are harder to detect, and if left unchecked, they can result in more serious long-term damage to your vehicle. Unless you’re a trained mechanic, chances are you won’t be entirely aware when something goes wrong with your engine. Observing a regular servicing routine can help to intervene early and prevent serious and costly damage to your vehicle.

2. Save money on fuel

A well-serviced car means a more fuel-efficient car. When mechanics conduct a full service, they make key adjustments that optimise your engine’s efficiency – maximising fuel efficiency – ultimately saving you money at the fuel station.

While you might not see results directly, over time, regular servicing will increase your car’s overall performance and fuel economy.

3. Enjoy longer battery life

One of the most accurate gauges of a car’s well-being is the battery. As the electric lifeblood of any vehicle, your car battery is sensitive to servicing needs and can often cause serious problems if not monitored regularly by a professional mechanic.

One of the key aspects of any servicing job is checking on battery health. Your mechanic will run tests and ensure that your battery is up to the task of continuously supplying your car with the power it needs to keep you on the road.

4. Benefit from longer engine life and resilience

All engines have a lifetime. And maximising yours will take dedication to regular servicing. But why exactly is this the case?

Servicing ensures your car is stocked up with fresh liquids essential to the car’s smooth performance. Not only that, any components that were either missing, broken, or about to give way are replaced with new parts, thus ensuring the longevity of the engine, and the car’s ability to withstand stressors that come with time.

5. Avoid the embarrassment of breaking down on the freeway

We’ve all passed that car that’s stuck on the side of the freeway, the driver sitting pacing helplessly up and down, deep in conversation with the tow truck driver – the heat bearing down.

While you probably felt pity, you were probably also thinking thank goodness that’s not me.

Regular servicing can dramatically reduce the chances of your car breaking down. Saving you all that embarrassment, not to mention the paperwork you’d grudgingly push through to get the refund for the tow truck.

6. Feel confident on longer road trips

Thinking of jumping into your Subaru Forester this summer and cruising down south for a well-deserved getaway? Driving a car any long distance can take a toll on its health, particularly if it was experiencing some issues beforehand. While it’s generally advisable to give your car full service before any long drive, having a regular service booked reduces the stress with one item less on your pre-getaway to-do list.

Drive with confidence, and enjoy the holiday more with a fully serviced car. Be sure to contact your local dealership for a comprehensive and price-competitive service.

7. Better resale value

In case you haven’t noticed, the resale value for cars in Australia is sky-high at the moment. In fact, sellers are cashing in right now with never-before-seen resale values being posted regularly.

If you’re thinking of selling your car, now’s certainly the time. But timing isn’t everything that could be playing into your favour: having a comprehensive and up-to-date servicing record will put you above other sellers allowing you to charge top dollar for your vehicle. Remember to keep a record of all your car servicing documents. That includes receipts, and descriptions of work done. Your future buyer will thank you – and so will your bank account.

8. Maintain vehicle warranty

One of the biggest advantages to keeping your car’s service log up to date with professional dealer-quality services is that it keeps your warranty alive. Servicing your vehicle at an unauthorised mechanic or dealer can negatively impact or void your warranty – making future repairs more expensive, and potentially costing you big time if your car decides to give up (don’t worry this hardly ever happens).

Final thoughts

No matter whether you’re selling your car, hoping to take a holiday, or you’ve noticed something’s not quite right with your car, regularly servicing your vehicle is a win-win for your car and you.

Get in contact with a qualified car dealership and establish a regular servicing plan with people you can trust.

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