A Few Facts To Know About Plastic Surgery

You have heard many times about “plastic surgery”, but our imagination draws visions of film stars who have undergone different surgeries to improve their looks. Thus, plastic treatment is sometimes assumed to be a single aesthetic technique. There are also other myths about cosmetic surgery or facelift Toronto, which are unfounded. The objective of this report is to debunk the different misconceptions and to disclose certain details on plastic surgery.

Plastic procedures are not entirely aesthetic.

Plastic surgery falls into two cosmetic and reconstructive groups. Although we are all familiar with the most common aesthetic procedures (rhinoplasty surgery, breast augmentation, liposuction, etc.), reconstructive surgery is not commonly heard. These reconstructive operations are performed with babies born with a cleft upper lip. Military wounded soldiers often profit from reconstructive procedures. Another example of this is it is performed on burn areas. There are just a few examples of plastic procedures that help to improve the quality of life.

Plastic surgery does not involve plastic 

The name of the plastic procedure comes from the Greek words ‘plastikos,’ meaning moldable or malleable. Silikon, Gore-Tex, and Medpor with silicone are the most popular materials used as implants in plastic surgery. In certain cases, grafts are often used rather than implants. These grafts are removed from the body (ear cartilage is one example) and thus body does not reject it.

Breast implants with silicone do not lead to breast cancer.

It is a common misconception that Silicone breast implants led to breast cancer. Studies have shown that the risk of breast cancer with silicone implants does not rise. So, it is safe to see a doctor immediately if there is any pain or irritation after having breast implants.

Plastic surgery won’t halt the aging process.

People will begin to age after a procedure is performed. The plastic procedure won’t deter or slow down aging. Aging is determined by different variables such as lifestyle, nutrition, training, and other factors.

Plastic procedures are not exempt from scars.

Like other procedures, it leaves scars behind. Plastic surgeons are therefore not only competent to minimize but also to efficiently hide the scars. The scar is masked around the ear region where it becomes less visible when a facelift is performed. Scars are also covered in wrinkles to make them look normal.

However, jennifer coolidge plastic surgery never revealed anything about her breast implant. She has undergone surgery secretly.

There are no gender or age obstacles to plastic surgery.

Although there is a general belief that cosmetic surgery is performed exclusively on women, this is wrong. Procedures like liposuction and gynecomastia are now more and more common in men.  Plastic surgery does not depend on age. Whilst physicians warn children to receive surgical treatments while they continue to grow, reconstructive treatments are performed in all ages.

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