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A Guide to Getting More Patients Near You with Healthcare Local SEO

The fundamental truth is that if you want more patients walking into your clinic, they will need to find you. That is, your online visibility should be optimized. And it is widely known that people look up search engines to find what they want, so SEO for Healthcare Services is necessary if you want your business to grow.

Local SEO can optimize any business web’s presence in organic search engine results. It has become popular as eCommerce has boomed recently, and Google is pushing local businesses over big retailers and enterprises.  

According to recent surveys, 72% of the consumers who performed a Local search have visited the store’s physical location within five miles, and 46% of all Google searches are done seeking local information. Digital Marketing Services are employing this tactic to rank websites higher in SERPs( Search Engine Results).

Why should you optimize for local healthcare SEO?

Many people use Google to search for healthcare around them. They are usually searching for places nearby and not looking to travel far. This is the perfect time for optimizing your website’s Healthcare Local SEO Services so that your business name comes first.

Also, optimize for local Healthcare Seo –

  • To drive more online visitors into patients.
  • Leaving a good impression with a well-designed website for prospective clients will encourage them to engage with you.
  • The user experience should be good by adding CTAs ( Call-to-action) and less loading speed on the website.

Here are some ways you use local healthcare SEO to get more patients-

1. Local listing

While the patients are searching for doctors nearby, you need to keep local listings on websites like Yelp and Google business profiles free from errors, inaccurate information, and poorly structured local citations, and make absolutely sure that any information about you is accurate, up-to-date and consistent across all of them, like your practice’s name, address( physical location), services that are provided, business hours, and contact information.

2. Google Business Profile 

An optimized and complete google business profile will help to maximize your online presence, it helps in reaching more patients through organic and local searches, and you should also have a-

  • Primary category- This is a definition of your practice.  
  • Secondary category- The location, business hours, etc.
  • Geotagging- That is geographic coordinates.
  • Photos of yourself.
  • Posts on profiles regularly.
  • Optimizing for local and relevant keywords. 

3. Create educational content

Creating educational content, keeping in mind local patients, and providing accurate healthcare information will establish you as an authority in your domain. Since it is medical content, it should be thorough, relevant, original, and keyword optimized.

Some examples of educational content include blog posts, videos highlighting your patient’s recovery, announcements of a new medical service, or an event in the local area. 

4. Getting positive feedback

Most people look up online reviews while making up their minds about which doctor to choose. Internet Marketing companies that you hire must keep in mind getting positive reviews from patients that you have treated. Request your patients to leave positive reviews online if they are satisfied with the service, and in case there are negative reviews, handle them with care and ask those patients to meet offline so that their issues can be understood and taken care of. 

Having a system like a review management tool might come in handy and take care of multiple listings on websites like Google and Yelp.

5. Obtaining good-quality links

Getting high-quality link building for your website is one of the most critical aspects of your website, and it delivers long-term value. 

Links from websites with high domain authority boost organic search results, and incorporating these links on the landing page further optimizes it.

Inbound links from relevant local sources will help the website get ranked in local SEO.

6. Optimizing the website 

Local SEO means attracting local people to your website without having them visit your place of practice. To compel them to make that journey optimizing the website for the best user experience is of utmost importance. 

Keep your details like location and business hours written clearly on the website, add CTA ( Call to action) buttons on every page, optimize for mobile, and have visually enticing videos and images to enhance the user experience. 

Having easy navigation on the website makes it easy for prospective visitors to find information.


These are the multiple ways Healthcare Local SEO Companies can leverage the power of Google Local SEO to boost their local business and compel new visitors/prospects into becoming potential clients of theirs.

It is simple and the easiest way to boost your healthcare services to be found online. 

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