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What is a fire door? Things to know about it

A fire door is a special type of door that has been designed to withstand extreme temperatures (up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit) and flames. Fire doors are typically used in high-risk areas, such as airports and hospitals, where they are required by law. Lets know more about what is a fire door and its functions?

Fire doors have a number of important functions:

They help prevent smoke from entering the building and spreading throughout the structure.

They provide an escape route for people who need to evacuate the building quickly.

They can be used as an alternative to sprinklers when sprinklers are not an option for safety reasons.

How do fire doors work?

A typical fire door has a frame made out of steel or aluminum and has glass on both sides. The glass is used to protect people inside the room behind it from heat and flames while they wait for emergency personnel to arrive on scene with fire extinguishers or other equipment needed to put out fires.

Fire doors are usually installed on the side of a building, between the building and a property line. They are designed to protect the contents inside from fire. If a fire breaks out in one room, it can spread to other rooms and cause more damage.

Fire doors are also used to protect people from smoke and heat. Many people who live or work in high-rise buildings want their apartments to be smoke-free and safe from fires. This is why fire doors were invented.

Fire doors are very important because they save lives and prevent injuries. If you have a fire alarm system in your home or office, you should make sure that you know how to use it properly so that it will help you escape safely when there is a fire in your home or office building.

Fire doors are a type of security door and are used to keep your home safe. They are designed to stop fire and other harmful gases and particles from entering your home.

Fire doors can come in many forms, including panels, frames and even whole walls. They can be fixed or moveable.

Fixed fire doors are not designed to be opened manually but they have a latch which opens when heat or smoke reaches the latch, allowing the door to open.

Moveable fire doors have an electric panel that opens when heat or smoke reaches it, allowing the door to open. These types of doors can be closed manually as well, so they’re not always useful for stopping smoke or heat from entering your home.

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