Beyond The Ordinary: The Most Impressive Sports Bikes Of All Time

As a professional bike rider, do you crave speed? Well, we all know that it gives the adrenaline rush that intrigues every rider. Performing stunts, chasing the thrill on an open road, and going on long road trips is what every biker looks forward to. 

Well for such an adventurous personality, one such highly preferred bike category is a sports bike. They are a perfect example of advanced technology and raw power. But are sports bikes beyond ordinary, or do bike lovers overhype them? 

High speed, powerful engines, comfortable seats, and great looks are some essential things riders consider when buying a sports bike. However, the best sports bikes are not limited to these many areas.

So, let us look at all the aspects of best sports bikes that attract everyone’s attention. In addition to the looks and other significant elements, we will discuss some key highlights. This will enable you to select a best sports bike.

Are Sports Bike Overrated or Underrated?

Sports bikes are specifically designed for speed and agility. Also known as superbikes or high-performance bikes, its body and structure are built, keeping the laws of aerodynamics in focus. The best sports bikes are incredibly aggressive and have better handling and a powerful engine than other bike types. One of the drawbacks- they are not suitable for beginners as they are often quite heavy and powerful and need advanced experience. 

Many consider sports bikes overrated because they are costly and difficult to maintain. Also, because of their speed and raw power, they are not suitable for everyday commute. Riders can get into accidents if they do not drive their bike carefully. 

On the other hand, maximum riders believe that sports bikes are underrated because they offer a thrilling and life-changing experience that no other motorcycle can offer. Since many riders are interested in racing, track riding, or going for long rides, where speed and engine play a critical role, the sports bike does not fail them.

Some of the Best Sports Bikes to Consider

The OG Sports Bike Every Rider Loves: Bajaj Pulsar RS200 

The Pulsar RS200 has been riders’ favourite since its launch in the Indian market. Designed to take over the racetrack, the Pulsar RS200 is built with an advanced liquid cooling system that keeps the engine heat in check and lets you cover the long distance without unnecessary breaks. The bike is equipped with ultra-safe anti-skid braking technology for better safety and smooth handling. What makes this one of the best sports bikes in the market is its 199.5cc engine that oozes raw power. The fuel tank capacity is 13 litres, and you can easily reach your destination without running out of fuel. 

The Mean Machine- Pulsar 250 Dual Channel ABS

When buying a best sports bike- one of the critical features riders look out for is its build. Its sharp edges and heavy bike frame attract everyone’s attention on the road and garner appreciation. And in this department, nothing can top the coldest, meanest, and darkest- Bajaj Pulsar 250 Dual Channel ABS.

Pulsar 250 Dual Channel ABS


The Pulsar 250 Dual Channel ABS is available in two variants which means you get more options with same specifications. The bike’s engine is oil-cooled and has a fuel injection system. The engine displacement is 249.07cc and the constant mesh 5 speed. Equipped with the dual-channel ABS brakes, giving the rider full-freedom to take over the road or the track. Now that sounds like an impressive sports bike, right? 

Experience the Adrenaline-Pumping Ride with Pulsar N160 

Bajaj Pulsar N160

What comes to your mind when we discuss about best sports bikes? Is it the bike’s build, speed, technology, or the feeling it gives you when you ride it on the open road with the greenery on either side? This painted a vivid picture in your imagination, right? Well, the Pulsar N160 does the exact thing! The amazing technology of Pulsar N160, such as telescopic front suspension, ABS braking technology, 14 litres fuel tank capacity, bi-functional LED projector headlamp with LED DRLs (daytime running lights) and such. 

This one of the best sports bikes is also available in two variants- Dual Channel ABS and Single Channel ABS. You also get different colour options in both variants. 

Book Your Sports Bike from Bajaj Auto Today!

Considered one of the best automobile manufacturers in India, Bajaj Auto offers a wide range of sports bike options to cater to everyone. From the lower cc sports bikes to those under 1 lakh to 2 lakhs, you will find a suitable sports bike at Bajaj Auto. Apart from the above-mentioned best sports bikes, you can also check out more options by visiting the official website or dealership of Bajaj Auto. So, what are you waiting for? Get your sports bike home today!

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