Causes and Treatment of Neuropathic Pain

There are various causes of neuropathic pain characterized by a burning sensation that may come and go in several instances. Sometimes the pain can even persist for an extended period. Fortunately, you can be treated for neuropathic pain in Austin at Republic Spine & Pain to help accomplish your goals and aspirations free of pain.

Nerve Pressure

Nerve pressure is the leading cause of neuropathic pain. This occurs when a nerve is pressed or pinched for a long time, causing numbness and pain in the affected area.

It is not an overly serious condition since you can manage it at home by changing your posture to a comfortable position. If your limbs are affected, stretch your legs to relieve pressure on the nerves. By doing so, the numbness will often go away.

You can then go back to your normal activities as soon as you feel better. However, if the pain persists, seek medical help immediately.

Nerve Damage After Surgery 

During surgery, a nerve may get damaged or severed, resulting in pain around the affected area. While the area may become numb and sensitive to touch, this condition may also be permanent or could take some time to heal. 

Considering the doctor will try to prescribe the proper medication to relieve pain or cure the problem, it is vital to disclose to your practitioner any side effects or complications of the surgery.   

Viral Infection 

Viral infections such as shingles and chickenpox may also lead to nerve damage and subsequent pain, with the resulting condition able to persist for several weeks if the infection fails to clear. 


Diabetes can cause neuropathy pain when blood sugar levels rise to the point they injure the nerves in your body. Quite often, this affects the legs and feet, causing numbness and sharp pain. The pain may be mild or severe and, sometimes, disabling. Be sure to contact the specialist who checks your blood sugar level and recommends treatment.

Multiple Sclerosis 

Multiple sclerosis is a disabling illness that affects the central nervous system. This disease causes the immune system to erode the protective covering of the nerves, a condition that can cause pain to the affected nerves.   

Side Effects From Medication   

Some medications may affect the nerves’ normal functioning, leading to numbness and tingling. Upon consultation, your doctor may discontinue the drug and recommend an alternative prescription with no side effects.

Treatment For Neuropathic Pain

While there are several treatment options for neuropathic pain that your doctor may recommend, he or she may first examine and treat any underlying condition, such as diabetes or a viral infection, that may be the source of your pain. Unlike other types of inflammation or pain, painkillers cannot relieve neuropathic pain. 

A qualified practitioner can prescribe effective medication for this condition, however. During treatment, you may experience side effects such as dizziness and general weakness. Fortunately, these typically clear within a week. Should they persist beyond that timeframe, please talk to your doctor.

The most common drugs used to treat neuropathic pain include Amitriptyline, Duloxetine, Tramadol, and Pregabalin. Your doctor can also prescribe Capsaicin cream, which is applied to the affected area. 

You can benefit from neuropathic pain treatment by seeking help from the specialists at Republic Spine & Pain. Call or book an appointment online and let the experts evaluate your situation to get you the new pain-free lease of life you desire.

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